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Garcia ??/??/64
Unknown, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Wildwood Boys: MA? (Stage Mic?) > C > CDR > PCM > SHN. Note filenames are not per etree convention. 
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Wildwood Boys
wb1964,XX-xx_Palo Alto, CA
Legacy: Stage Mic?> C> CDR> PCM> SHN

wb1964,XX-xx_01-intros, tuning
wb1964,XX-xx_02-Jerry's Breakdown
wb1964,XX-xx_04-Standing in the Need of Prayer
wb1964,XX-xx_06-Muleskinner Blues
wb1964,XX-xx_07-'unenjoyment' banter
wb1964,XX-xx_08-Satisfied with My Gal
wb1964,XX-xx_09-intro 'Pig Pen'
wb1964,XX-xx_10-The Rub[1]

Jerry Garcia - Banjo
David Nelson - Guitar
Norman ? - Bass
[1] with Pig Pen

Wave headers fixed/re-shn'ed with shntool by terrapinstation 06/09/2003

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ae3fb56de25774168b4690c2b6e2b4d4 *wb1964xx-xx_01-intros_tuning.shn
7accebc41cf8e860ebead3b8c7072a6b *wb1964xx-xx_02-jerrys_breakdown.shn
fc1de20da3e8b8e0659631e9e04bd5d0 *wb1964xx-xx_03-banter.shn
592ff16b2f8512ce8ce8728351daf88f *wb1964xx-xx_04-standing_in_the_need_of_prayer.shn
4c9204585729a41151a343c8f6f30bec *wb1964xx-xx_05-tuning.shn
fcbc56cecc06f284da3f881ad11ebd6c *wb1964xx-xx_06-muleskinner_blues.shn
e2ceb9fb1bd9d44d3538171ae6832d19 *wb1964xx-xx_07-unenjoyment_banter.shn
7a92111661588768aaa4b18e6f238b6c *wb1964xx-xx_08-satisfied_with_my_gal.shn
ad6fa8c0629253149f4fa57e3bffec72 *wb1964xx-xx_09-intro_pig_pen.shn
d8fd9f5f14620c00fc71b955212ce9cb *wb1964xx-xx_10-the_rub[1].shn

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Date User Comment
06/17/2003 hanno don't download or trade this, it's the same material that was released officially by GDM (in much more complete form and in much better sound quality)
06/17/2003 Joe Jupille Thanks, Hanno!
06/18/2003 hanno Actually, I'm not sure whether "Standing In Need Of A Prayer" is on the Mother McCree's release. Maybe it's there but under a different title. Need to check that again.
06/18/2003 terrapinstation Actually, from my understanding, and backed up here: it is permissible to trade copies of shows released as long as thy are not rips of the commercial releases. Hanno is certainly right on the quality though, the official releases are usually better. YMMV.