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Garcia 03/06/64
Top Of The Tangent, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Black Mountain Boys: SBD->Cassette->CDR->TAE->SHN via David Backus and Wagner 
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Black Mountain Boys

Palo Alto, CA
Top of the Tangent


01  Instrumental
02  Katie Mine (??)
03  Intros
04  Homestead on the Farm
05  Banter
06  Bare Foot Nellie
07  Banter
08  She's More to Be Pitied than Scolded
09  Tuning
10  They Can Lock Up Me Up For Loving You
11  The Hand of the Lord
12  Banter
13  Who'll Sing for Me
14  Darling Aller Lee

Jerry Garcia - Banjo
Eric Thompson  - Guitar
David Nelson - Mandolin
Jim Beemis - Bass

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dbac261768cf1316bc9d0bca4be4ff2c *bmb1964-03-06t01.shn
26c4f056ebdc9e0565d0a097f427683b *bmb1964-03-06t02.shn
8605c5830fa0b96aa1ada87f25312465 *bmb1964-03-06t03.shn
c9aa8f46480ac2bfce4fb28bf7270d0f *bmb1964-03-06t04.shn
b30f82836b69fb6e41e3ea6e2e51677f *bmb1964-03-06t05.shn
a047154baee5989be9bd7d334146a5ce *bmb1964-03-06t06.shn
73265a2db28e043c95e733bacc58cff3 *bmb1964-03-06t07.shn
b579d5b4691dc2b319ccde5673fed771 *bmb1964-03-06t08.shn
3cec8552edbf4a21c9acaf764f9e7de2 *bmb1964-03-06t09.shn
04533e82ec49841f401b7d644586948e *bmb1964-03-06t10.shn
03d0b7b0984456bf09573e1c7da047d3 *bmb1964-03-06t11.shn
c3119aba5fffb624615c847555bbc690 *bmb1964-03-06t12.shn
877d53e86023e631a488b18025af0056 *bmb1964-03-06t13.shn
3b51dbdd0119cc592c82a7bde04a40d6 *bmb1964-03-06t14.shn

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