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Phish 06/11/00
Hibiya Outdoor Theatre, Tokyo, Japan
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Source # 1794 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary shn; "Source: TO COME...probably a Schoeps...Please stay tuned!"; no other info 
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Hibiya Outdoor Theatre
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Source: TO COME...probably a Schoeps...Please stay tuned!

Disc One
Set 1:
First Tube
Punch You in the Eye
Ginseng Sullivan
It's Ice

Set 2:
Birds of a Feather
Beauty of My Dreams
David Bowie
When the Circus Comes
Back on the Train
Harry Hood

Character Zero**

Japanese band Big Frog opened.
*With "Stash" teases.
**Enormous rainbow appears in sky and fades to end of show.

Show Checksums
d2a6e9412e6eccbe1e9ee6c0657abadd *ph6-11-00d101.shn
d66a1c063a5ef551bf6f87a15e76648a *ph6-11-00d102.shn
d80074ac90a6555419cc692505148d64 *ph6-11-00d103.shn
57d937534ba10bcc3ec033851122d771 *ph6-11-00d104.shn
3c7cc27562ccfe7f0038aaab1d6ddb69 *ph6-11-00d105.shn
a7b8a0598c3de89ebe3505971f6d9063 *ph6-11-00d106.shn
e1649dd2cf7681a066baa57882ba54b9 *ph6-11-00d107.shn
84a7a5cbb55a5c972333e84d6650be4e *ph6-11-00d108.shn
2243c49ed8076bf226e38f70eb2829cd *ph6-11-00d109.shn
67ce0e57f0eb449472093498248e68c3 *ph6-11-00d201.shn
cadd4844dab50d1c0b1aa3b9f9092b7e *ph6-11-00d202.shn
376da75f708b4d51d614ff2b8441c7c0 *ph6-11-00d203.shn
26451a6e42f6670658da06ab31aa0c6a *ph6-11-00d204.shn
8dc96252e329d3d6579f5398780addcd *ph6-11-00d205.shn
566c35ab3ed7f1e5a168f511583e1077 *ph6-11-00d206.shn
c4f9eacacfff4bcc0f5a4e0c4c6c14e7 *ph6-11-00d207.shn
d95adaa6fe62efdd4d2ca004ea9990c1 *ph6-11-00d208.shn
bdc455b030839cc5913a188dee95aba2 *ph6-11-00d301.shn
895bb1638fe39e2a67d654ca6300165b [shntool] ph6-11-00d101.shn
30d68d427ce9b792f8de5c0f8244463e [shntool] ph6-11-00d102.shn
a1670f26bcd78bc4a98c9ccb8b1463f9 [shntool] ph6-11-00d103.shn
9afebcb4b480cb153dcfcbac5cc5886f [shntool] ph6-11-00d104.shn
109a2105f09062454b05966dc8178921 [shntool] ph6-11-00d105.shn
211d975f0d9981e2df4fcafe4b8ea97f [shntool] ph6-11-00d106.shn
71069682a81f58d624b278710d379742 [shntool] ph6-11-00d107.shn
576439c9104251d2b8cd91a86e58dd79 [shntool] ph6-11-00d108.shn
0afb062fd1307b3ae299c9938c610863 [shntool] ph6-11-00d109.shn
a4759ff2591e8e86cfe7a84f7bf86d35 [shntool] ph6-11-00d201.shn
d3ac6f764a5495bf29445ad9c3d88847 [shntool] ph6-11-00d202.shn
de9d0f60857d1a5db8902db048c0cd7c [shntool] ph6-11-00d203.shn
fa8cac04ef6502d4fd2a4edf5e679bcb [shntool] ph6-11-00d204.shn
7a4e9288ecd448c5ff3e36fd5bd36e25 [shntool] ph6-11-00d205.shn
f290df3d9ea70df7e2640203aadcb99a [shntool] ph6-11-00d206.shn
4a60cd04e5dbade676e2fea0ed2be194 [shntool] ph6-11-00d207.shn
c87ccf8036bbe1e79cadd531d277212c [shntool] ph6-11-00d208.shn
032652391b84ac6aa80ec14c0c16c7ce [shntool] ph6-11-00d301.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; AKG 480/ck69... (0) flac16; FOB Schoeps... (0) flac16; (FOB)... (0) flac16 Schoeps CMC6... (0) flac16, 48kHz;... (0)
Date User Comment
02/16/2002 Daniel Shay Can anyone provide an update for the source of this seed?
02/17/2002 Blane Well, I don't know for sure what this source sounds like, but I can say that there are two sources that circulate well. There's:
Dave Flashner's
FOB Scheops MK4>KC5>CMC6>SXM2>D100 (23rd row)

Ryan Dreyfus':
CMC64>KC5>EAA>SBM1 (11th Row FOB)

Also, it might be a combination of these two because I made a lot of dat trades right after the tour with one set from Dave and one from Ryan (Dave had FOB issues and had to move between sets). Hope that offers some clues.
11/21/2003 Adam Bishop Wom...this source is bassy. IMO, it's not a very good recording. Unfortunately it may be only source available though. Not missing much with this show anyway