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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 09/23/02
The Bluebird, Bloomington, IN
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Source Summary Source: AudioTechnica 822 > D8 (48.1) > wav (44) > shn and CD (FOB-center) 
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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
The Bluebird
Bloomington, IN
September 23, 2002

Taped, shn'd and md5s by Scott Frosch ([email protected])
Source:  AudioTechnica 822 > D8 (48.1) > wav (44) > shn and CD  (FOB-center)

Disc 1: (59:40 min)
KDTU d1t01. Power of Soul
KDTU d1t02. Everything **
KDTU d1t03. Sco Special **
KDTU d1t04. New Tune (Untitled)
KDTU d1t05. Good For Me (And You)
KDTU d1t06. Can You Feel It?

Disc 2: (54:34 min)
KDTU d2t01. Drums
KDTU d2t02. Satisfied
KDTU d2t03. The Bunny Player
KDTU d2t04. Because of Her Beauty
KDTU d2t05. New Afro > Drums

Disc 3: (58:44 min)
KDTU d3t01. Drums > New Afro
KDTU d3t02. ?? > Check Out You Mind > Give Up the Funk
KDTU d3t03. Check Out Your Mind Reprise >
KDTU d3t04. What You Want

Notes:  ** = John Scofield on guitar.  John Scofield's drummer comes and goes from the stage all through the Karl Denson set and plays on several of the tracks.

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a73699abc8caea2c441dd2702d2fc8b6 *kdtu 020923 d1t01.shn
ed1d95bc6c98e02ab37cf2c3cb795b17 *kdtu 020923 d1t02.shn
19bbae9a23f1aa77470bf54ad365d699 *kdtu 020923 d1t03.shn
c3176465688f62c51785cafc26f4d26f *kdtu 020923 d1t04.shn
273e996ca49bf68c193475c9fd567ef7 *kdtu 020923 d1t05.shn
8333d2d561bd0ad38e7266a6c032d810 *kdtu 020923 d1t06.shn
9158c79e60ced4f1b7877a460fb5886b *kdtu 020923 d2t01.shn
18dcccffe391c326d4e1f797aadc102f *kdtu 020923 d2t02.shn
49b72d5a9e5fc9c05ab4f77df5494e5a *kdtu 020923 d2t03.shn
1ffd42dcb6ec9749afef7ef8f8673ca5 *kdtu 020923 d2t04.shn
fc244a65f6976bee4d16e7e213e7cb2d *kdtu 020923 d2t05.shn
d8856a6ef8d58c8bf328fffa527565e7 *kdtu 020923 d3t01.shn
51d5b14db924937d429021014b6c70bc *kdtu 020923 d3t02.shn
a93f5dab7b5ac539b74d977b001a4524 *kdtu 020923 d3t03.shn
1dac2533db87a6738b9c11f88f603fa0 *kdtu 020923 d3t04.shn

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