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Garcia 12/24/68
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary SBD>MR>PCM>WAV>SHN Transferred from PCM via SEK'D Prodif96Pro & Samplitude This was the source info bundled with the original shns. Alternate possible source info could be: SBD>MR>??>DAT>CDR>EAC>SHN; see info file for details; seeded to etree via D Litfin; edits/encoding by D Litfin 
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Grateful Dead

The Matrix
San Francisco, CA

             Transferred from PCM via SEK'D Prodif96Pro & Samplitude
             This was the source info bundled with the original shns.
             Alternate possible source info could be:

Disk 1 [79:14]

1. Jam [36:11]
2. Feel It [05:02]
3. Three O Clock In the Morning [11:08]
4. Mojo Worker --> [07:40]
5. Jam [19:12]

-Re-tracked with CD Wave and fixed SBEs with SHNTOOL

-This show has traded under several names: Mickey and the Heartbeats,
Garcia/Mandel, Jerry Garcia and Friends, and Jerry Garcia and the Harvey Mandel

-Known personal:
Jerry Garcia
Harvey Mandel
Stephen Miller (not Steve Miller, Stephen was keyboard player in Harvey Mandel?s
and Elvin Bishop?s band)

-Possible personal:
Elvin Bishop
George Chambers
Jack Casady (though unlikely)
?68 era Harvey Mandel Band

- The Deadheads Taping Compendium Vol 1 states Stephen Miller sings vocals on
trks 2 & 4. Elvin Bishop is credited with vocals on trk 3.

-Further comments from Deadlists:
The tapes circulating with this date are from a "Heartbeats" show, without Bobby
and Pigpen, with Harvey Mandel (and George Chambers?). This jam has previously
circulated as "Set 3" of 12/16/68, but Bill Gadsden says that
it's "with Harvey Mandel from 12/24/68".

From the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper of Monday December 23, 1968 pg 35:
"At the Matrix tonight and tomorrow night: Jerry Garcia, Jack Casady, open end
jam, no door charge" and elsewhere on the same page under the heading "OPENING
TODAY": "ROCK CLUB - Jam Session with Jerry Garcia, Jack Cassady and others,
from 9:30 p.m., the Matrix, 3138 Fillmore. Free."

On page 26 of issue #34 (Summer 1996) of Dupree's Diamond News, Dick Latvala
stated in an interview "There are tapes of 12/16/68 marked Hartbeats at the
Matrix, but I don't know if that's really accurate.  You know [David] Crosby was
playing with them quite a lot that month."  He makes no other mention of 12/68
Matrix tapes in that article, but he has stated on another occasion that the
tapes in the vault of 12/24/68 are labeled as Garcia jamming with the Harvey
Mandel Band.  This show is not listed in DeadBase XI.
Circulating recordings of the 1968 Matrix shows trace back to Bill Gadsden's
reels.  Bill and Peter Kafer made copies of Peter Abram's (owner of the Matrix)
two track 7" Scotch reels in the summer of 1974.  Peter
Abram's reels were either Masters or 1st gens.
CONTRIBUTORS David Sorochty , Bill Gadsden
, Dick Latvala, Michael Parrish

- Thanks to Eric Coplen for the orginal SHN set
  Seeded to etree 6/17/03 by Dave Litfin ? [email protected]
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Date User Comment
07/07/2003 Aaron Rumack This should really be under Garcia. One man does not make the Grateful Dead. Just one man's opinion.
07/08/2003 Matt Vernon There is a shn set for this under Garcia
07/08/2003 Aaron Rumack Thanks Matt but it is not the same source(SHN set)
07/09/2003 Matt Vernon I think all I said was there is A shn set under Garcia for this date, not THIS particular shn set. To address your comment more directly this date and a few others are listed under the Grateful Dead because someone placed them there before Garcia and other Jerry projects were started. To change this is a major hassle because all the people that have it on their list must be "unlinked" before it can be deleted and there are only a few people that have these "super user" powers. The best thing would be to enter this and other shn sets for this date on the Garcia shns-in-circ list and encourage people to unlink themselves from this and relink to the shns/date on Garcia. Hope this helps...
07/09/2003 Diana If it's circulating (albeit falsely?) under Mickey and the Hartbeats, it might as well stay here too, since Hartbeats stuff has been historically listed under this section (as is "Seastones"). Those artist names are softlinked to this GD shn section.

I suppose someone could submit these same ones to Garcia section, with url crossrefs added in the comments box as appropriate. It's not the maximally tidy solution, but it's in the same general category as having source info duplicated on dates "2/12/70" and 2/13/70 because of the Ungano confusion. Or having source info soundcheck duplicated on "2/24/74" vs. 2/22/74. ;)
07/09/2003 Joe Jupille I'd also just add that putting it under 'Garcia', while perhaps slightly more accurate, doesn't seem that much better. I mean, why not list it under 'Harvey Mandel'? ;-)
07/09/2003 Sorry Matt, I misunderstood your post. I didn't realize the impact of changing the source to 'Garcia'. It was just a thought as I was adding it to my list. I understand the linkage with Grateful Dead, but I thought it would be more accurate to list it under Garcia. Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. Thank you all for what you do.
07/09/2003 Matt Vernon No feathers ruffled here - I just wanted to say that currently different shn sets for this performance are being listed in two locations here on, here AND under Garcia. Also, Joe's comment is important as this isn't really a Hartbeat's show. If I had to suggest a place where these shn's should reside, I would file it under Garcia as my guess is the majority of people with this shn set have it because of the Garcia connection and would look for it there first (since there is no Harvey Mandel shn admin as far as I know...)
07/11/2003 Ziggy Is Harvey Mandel the dude who played the solo in "Concrete Jungle"? That's awesome. He jammed with Jerry, huh?