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Garcia 11/10/74
Palace Theatre, Albany, NY
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Garcia & Saunders/Legion of Mary: MSR > DAT 48k > PCM > CDR > PCM > SHN. 
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Legion of Mary
Palace Theatre - Nov. 10, 1974 - Albany, NY
Legacy: SB:A> MR> DAT 48k> PCM> CDR> PCM> SHN
lom1974,11-10R_Palace Theater, NY (Revised)***

Set 1:
lom1974,11-10R_101-Let It Rock-)
lom1974,11-10R_103-You Can Leave Your Hat On
lom1974,11-10R_104-Neighbor, Neighbor
lom1974,11-10R_105-Going, Going, Gone-)
lom1974,11-10R_106-Mystery Train
lom1974,11-10R_107-[S2} Roadrunner

lom1974,11-10R_202-Wondering Why)Expressway)Jam-)
lom1974,11-10R_203-The Harder They Come-)
lom1974,11-10R_204-Albany Rag[!]-)
lom1974,11-10R_205-Tough Mama
lom1974,11-10R_206-How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

[!]=1st & Only time Played

Jerry Garcia, Merl Saunders, John Kahn, Martin Fierro, Paul Humphrey
My Notes:
Taper: Doug Lamarre
Extracted & Edited obo D. Lamarre by RJ Mar. 03, 2002
Retracked Mar 13, 2002
Apr 2002 - Posted (MP3) ab.gdead.hs

Considering that it (the DAT) was sitting on a shelf in Doug's dank basement for 25+ years... It's
sounds good.  Gremlins were at work on the intial startup track and a few other places.

PCM Format = (2) 74 min CD's

Transfer: DAT to Wav via Denon Portable DAT to SPDIF input on Audigy Platinum Drive> CD-R; Digital editing with CD-Wave & Cool Edit 96; SHN creation via WinShorten


A funny thing happened on the way to posting this... Couldn't find the SHNs nor the broke out tracks... Fortunately I still had the master from the original DAT transfer!
Retracked/Retitled** 23-Jun-2003 with CDWave & Normalized to 94.49% with Cooledit Pro v2.1a; SHorten conversion with SHNv3.51 with seektables appended.

Posted SHN's to a.b.gdead - main-> 23-Jun-2003

- RJ
** Originally 201 was simply listed as JAM, Then posted as
"The best is yet to come" actual title is "Favela"
Originally 202 )Flute & Kbd Jam) is actually "Expressway"
Notes From (July 28, 2002):
11/10/74 Palace Theater, S.U.N.Y. - Albany, NY

Set 1:
Let It Rock* ****,
Jam* **,
You Can Leave Your Hat On,
Neighbor Neighbor,
Going Going Gone,
Mystery Train
Set 2: Roadrunner,
Wondering Why*,
Jam* ***,
The Harder They Come,
Albany Rag**** +,
Tough Mama,
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You,
Let It Rock,
Wondering Why,
Till The End Of The World

Comment: *=from bootleg tape -- not listed in DeadBase. **="Expressway To Your Heart" on some

boots, ***="Just Kissed My Baby" on some boots, ****=first time played, +=onl;y time played.

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cbcc770e14bb8e85d0a5e5c2beb0be10 *lom1974,11-10R_101.shn
45532e2942738441f29b05edba40b31d *lom1974,11-10R_102.shn
7be886ec6665a527cdd7030b95a5a9a2 *lom1974,11-10R_103.shn
e69dd2dcde86bc9a46ce72aa935f12eb *lom1974,11-10R_104.shn
76764a582dca8389a1c533ac3fff451b *lom1974,11-10R_105.shn
26883e987f30d2e1c398db38b45e1600 *lom1974,11-10R_106.shn
28cfb193612af423525d6330c9995de1 *lom1974,11-10R_107.shn
d8e6cb95adba68d594c0f4863ec4800e *lom1974,11-10R_201.shn
47f87c30668ae070d18da92a00ad6f87 *lom1974,11-10R_202.shn
c0b5b484e3382f03ca400e37ddaf3f7c *lom1974,11-10R_203.shn
31aa400338343c75397f9fdcbc831263 *lom1974,11-10R_204.shn
f4b76d6defb3e7dad3b4998ff9f63b84 *lom1974,11-10R_205.shn
86f4032b18d9a1ba50656aa7fcbca09c *lom1974,11-10R_206.shn

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Garcia & Saunders, complete... (1) JGMS: sbd 2nd generation... (0)
Date User Comment
07/02/2003 Joe Jupille d1t02 is Expressway; d2t02 the tune coming out of Wondering Why is not Expressway, but People Make the World Go 'Round; d2t04 is not Albany Rag, but Just Kissed My Baby, and it is not the only time this was performed.

There are some severe skipping problems during Expressway (d1t02).
01/08/2009 cryptical17 WARNING: Many copies that are being traded contain major skipping issues during "How Sweet It Is" and possibly other tracks. Apparently one bad trader did not check to see if everything was ok before giving it out to the world.