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Phish 10/06/00
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary AKG 480b's (cardoids) -> Lunatec V2 -> Graham Patten ADC-20 -> DA-P1 -> Phillips 765 CDR -> CD; transfer by Justin Halgren; EAC> SHN by Scott Graham 
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Shoreline Ampitheatre
Mountain View, CA

AKG 480b's (cardoids) -> Lunatec V2 -> Graham Patton
ADC-20 -> DA-P1 -> Phillips 765 CDR -> CD
all cables are presto 2 actives and the transfer to
CDR was a digital coax transfer (Justin Halgren - [email protected])

CD > EAC > WAV (Scott Graham - [email protected])

Disc One
1. Carini
2. Stash
3. Boogie on Reggae Woman
4. Mellow Mood
5. Maze
6. Moma Dance

Disc Two
1. Run Like An Antelope
set 2
2. Heavy Things
3. Down With Disease >
4. Spock's Brain
5. Inlaw Josie Wales
6. Rift

Disc Three
1. Cities
2. Sand
3. Golgi Apparatus
4. Brian and Robert
5. Bold As Love
6. El Paso*
7. Chalkdust Tortue*
8. West LA Fadeaway*

* w/ Bob Weir
Show Checksums
783b5ff5a2403833bf3078899ec08cfa *ph00-10-06d1t1.shn
86a7097e62709f687eb2e424cafeea63 *ph00-10-06d1t2.shn
95a03a79f0e2821eeb3eb2a373482877 *ph00-10-06d1t3.shn
760041f577920aff24f062d5423084a2 *ph00-10-06d1t4.shn
8e709743a28ff77d7ec4cd89a93e1a8a *ph00-10-06d1t5.shn
e74b2f231737951a8e6d75998bf0ea1c *ph00-10-06d1t6.shn
f32472539d74962fcb9ad40fa5b1d54a *ph00-10-06d2t1.shn
de8a3e1cb8748106fdd261e71c252b7e *ph00-10-06d2t2.shn
1a35d3a629b8b27ddd305d41ac131820 *ph00-10-06d2t3.shn
0d4665085812b8b7e049fc9ae81a1ee4 *ph00-10-06d2t4.shn
de63681c8ed930c9a543207c6304284a *ph00-10-06d2t5.shn
cd8ec45f9ca7bc4e8c3abebe58cb0072 *ph00-10-06d2t6.shn
536dfd1e4324320cf37eb357f6f52651 *ph00-10-06d3t1.shn
41306bd6fe468c141a75d577e91a240d *ph00-10-06d3t2.shn
aefcd63d5d8fe997a90845d8dbd77f94 *ph00-10-06d3t3.shn
5b637a30e1eaff119aa6f827c6760c1a *ph00-10-06d3t4.shn
ab2d7fde398eeb62ecb0e66c06c30416 *ph00-10-06d3t5.shn
baa8af24ff57cc57f8c9f9557ff15a65 *ph00-10-06d3t6.shn
58a4f7327838757ab4d12ae1cc616b5e *ph00-10-06d3t7.shn
7e1d43a69086dae3d4919da65f6e5396 *ph00-10-06d3t8.shn
c6d2c3ebd112aaf87a47dee1235f2f6a [shntool] ph00-10-06d1t1.shn
d8a31a4ac5e1bc096ec4fedc5de933bb [shntool] ph00-10-06d1t2.shn
3021cc051b85d58b8695e57e1cadd210 [shntool] ph00-10-06d1t3.shn
61278756873912824be8bb430f3c69d8 [shntool] ph00-10-06d1t4.shn
4d23fbde1fb5f66509854205593416a2 [shntool] ph00-10-06d1t5.shn
0f4e39e44013acb03482309046f54bb3 [shntool] ph00-10-06d1t6.shn
b36b4244004fe70c520ba58d3441db47 [shntool] ph00-10-06d2t1.shn
030dc71e8bdb5163af7c7015e2f60501 [shntool] ph00-10-06d2t2.shn
7559b7f9852b2d2338f54b2369eec45e [shntool] ph00-10-06d2t3.shn
0cdb78a3de79cbe2c277d7238ef30620 [shntool] ph00-10-06d2t4.shn
ebdc4064338aa2cfbf448c5b0afb44de [shntool] ph00-10-06d2t5.shn
ec90586c8b53a6010a235fe4029958da [shntool] ph00-10-06d2t6.shn
60eaf8ae2f1b632e4590a021ebfb72ea [shntool] ph00-10-06d3t1.shn
6c9d81c24b6d306e437e1a66f58ba7b7 [shntool] ph00-10-06d3t2.shn
47040a217179c188a2cdd8d74575443b [shntool] ph00-10-06d3t3.shn
eecdfe628f67d427b534c237598f146d [shntool] ph00-10-06d3t4.shn
66e657c5c9b2c804dac54b57627ad703 [shntool] ph00-10-06d3t5.shn
5a03e4ab6bd55ab48e53ffc8204df88f [shntool] ph00-10-06d3t6.shn
fc93844b66c21809fc538d159008855e [shntool] ph00-10-06d3t7.shn
016d81da85345e9f83f2d7acdae44850 [shntool] ph00-10-06d3t8.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
shnf or... (2) FOB (sec 102) Schoeps mk4 >... (3) B&K 4011's > Lunatec V2 >... (0) Schoeps mk41 > kc5 > cmc6 >... (0) AKG 460b/ck61 > V2 > SBM1 >... (0) flac16, 44kHz;... (0) flac16, 44kHz; AKG... (0) flac16, 44kHz;... (1) flac16, 44kHz;... (0) flac16, 48kHz; AKG... (0) flac16, 48kHz; B&K... (0) flac16, 48kHz;... (0) flac16, 48kHz;... (0)
Date User Comment
10/29/2000 Bryan There is a B&K source around which I think sounds better...
11/03/2000 Col. Forbin I don't know about the B&K source, but the AKG's sound dandy.
11/30/2000 Col. Forbin After noting the track lists on the other sources, one can only conlcude this one
is layed out pretty "retarted." Why this person chose to break up the first set and put Antelope
on the beginning of d2 is a mystery. Then the second set is also broken up mid-set. Let's not be scarred of filler
people when you can put the music without any "interruptions" in the flow of the set on 3 discs anyway?
Still great source.