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Garcia 04/16/73
Boarding House, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Old & In The Way, set I: Unknown source FM-SBD (WBAI Morning Dew show) > ? > CD > EAC > SHN. 
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Old & In the Way
Boarding House
San Francisco, CA
4/16/73 set I

Unknown source FM-SBD (WBAI Morning Dew show) > ? >
CD > EAC > SHN. EAC > SHN by Joe Jupille.

Single Disc (14) 51:23
01. Going To The Races [2:54]
02. Tragic Romance [3:59]
03. Instrumental [3:40]
04. The Willow Garden [5:39]
05. 'Til The End Of The World Rolls 'Round [4:02]
06. Pig In A Pen [2:46]
07. Panama Red [4:07]
08. Lonesome L.A. Cowboy [4:51]
09. Hard Hearted [3:43]
10. Wild Horses [5:01]
11. Lost [4:59]
12. Blue Mule false start [0:24]
13. Blue Mule [4:57]
14. Outro [0:14]

- This is pretty clearly a soundboard, and Grisman does a
station/program id at some point identifying this as from
WBAI's "Morning Dew" program.  Rob (Eaton?) and a DJ speak
at the very end of the segment.  WBAI-FM broadcast this
material on 7/31/99.  Beyond that, I don't know if this is
pre- or post-f.m., nor what media might be involved along
the way.  It sounds quite good, and this material is lots
of fun!

Thanks to Harry Angus for the source CDs!
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0ceed2f481e2d0a52782944f801d3607 *oitw1973-04-16t10.shn
17ae3900960bf5a1b2fcf40b0b81f66a *oitw1973-04-16t01.shn
e474ca19cb53a5c8f649c78e03858712 *oitw1973-04-16t02.shn
5a16facd06a4481405b467c308abc853 *oitw1973-04-16t03.shn
dc9242e797e424d0faa03cabd2285d20 *oitw1973-04-16t04.shn
0b8b90e700db41a0b7f653eabdd3c219 *oitw1973-04-16t05.shn
7f24e63e61a8f64257b93210714a2e8f *oitw1973-04-16t06.shn
38934e2520299922d79b57186f8ab13d *oitw1973-04-16t07.shn
0952867fe30ca5cb80220af8de369067 *oitw1973-04-16t08.shn
6f5cb2f0681fbafc657515fdccd8b2e7 *oitw1973-04-16t09.shn
e4546d57fe20ba7d0b0749e1001080b2 *oitw1973-04-16t11.shn
9ba7d3fdcccf0096db892500e6f33393 *oitw1973-04-16t12.shn
cda4d54086294ec5f40d06984c70dd08 *oitw1973-04-16t13.shn
51b2b9c990a1294ada476cf09b82b0c0 *oitw1973-04-16t14.shn
bc0f19e8ae973ddde720e801e2c6d15d *oitw1973-04-16t10.wav
958064742d9f29d220e5b8845b3637f7 *oitw1973-04-16t01.wav
9d66c43ce11eba6228fc83f2722523e6 *oitw1973-04-16t02.wav
457a1261ac59321360d9bcd770cd58d3 *oitw1973-04-16t03.wav
b81ea72e876a9b988c11f11a66de2199 *oitw1973-04-16t04.wav
82dbe108e1fbcac216fa543262c5a060 *oitw1973-04-16t05.wav
eba080dd8d799550b7806600a56d990e *oitw1973-04-16t06.wav
4b6390668e2cc5eed378f01984408936 *oitw1973-04-16t07.wav
0f00af8c2e38d8cb65b4d18cd80d0cd1 *oitw1973-04-16t08.wav
3d398f3789aeb0d216725c11f93d44b7 *oitw1973-04-16t09.wav
dfed6bcd491e4c3a70188c76d4d6e6a2 *oitw1973-04-16t11.wav
7b2097f81525a7c9931ea843d8498d1b *oitw1973-04-16t12.wav
46cf99f9876882191e629ba1c4e2a143 *oitw1973-04-16t13.wav
a5146e16fa28429af55e9dbd37ba321e *oitw1973-04-16t14.wav
5603c793509a319de7f9526ee66ba724 *oitw1973-04-16-set1.txt

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