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Phish 09/08/00
Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary Oktava MC012 (Hyper-Card) > Sound Devices MP2 > Sony D-10 Pro > CD > EAC > SHN; Taped by Pat Kelly; EAC > SHN conversion by Art Haynes 
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Phish: Pepsi Arena 9/8/00; Albany, New York
Oktava MC012 (Hyper-Card) > Sound Devices MP2 > Sony D-10 Pro > CD > EAC > SHN
EAC > SHN conversion by Art Haynes, [email protected]

        -Set 1-                                  
   Disc 1                                    
1)Mellow Mood
2)Limb By Limb
4)Bouncing Around The Room
5)The Horse>
6)Silent In the Morning
7)I Saw It Again
10)Axilla Pt. I
12)Golgi Apparatus

        -Set 2-
   Disc 2
1)Birds Of A Feather
2)Windora Bug^
3)David Bowie
4)Back In The Chicken Shack
5)Bathtub Gin>
6)Ambiant Jam*>
7)Character Zero

^ first time played
* w/Fish on vaccum & Trey on drums
Show Checksums
806ee607891c2a243389ddced30ad85c *ph00-09-08d01t01.shn
20f005c97aed1299ce0b8d3a67caeafe *ph00-09-08d01t02.shn
4c26dcbe88359e4776544c4b63044b8c *ph00-09-08d01t03.shn
cd8e9ed025b91115190526f09aed67b2 *ph00-09-08d01t04.shn
2618e0421c2f1ec77ee0014868e26cc6 *ph00-09-08d01t05.shn
d3c78e92e2447c453d7c12690c6caef4 *ph00-09-08d01t06.shn
9bab3f422c953237fac9040cf9c8168d *ph00-09-08d01t07.shn
b51396dd78b7904fd4ac258baf576679 *ph00-09-08d01t08.shn
f565ba61acd73cc5cc119f7670478c48 *ph00-09-08d01t09.shn
774249eae2f58f2a8a42a84c43aa73b0 *ph00-09-08d01t10.shn
b8b1cc6579feba07bfdb07586d3b07e7 *ph00-09-08d01t11.shn
a14a8c8290574151981f159c94b684f1 *ph00-09-08d01t12.shn
baf9712f9a59316f843ed08f7446b2ab *ph00-09-08d02t01.shn
17cbab588aafe8d31ef12d06a76a002c *ph00-09-08d02t02.shn
ebe318606024a2850b80f6a9b455553f *ph00-09-08d02t03.shn
76651b71952e2e6e2fb5c844904f7195 *ph00-09-08d02t04.shn
be8c4dd135d755690b09cd1c01d8eb98 *ph00-09-08d02t05.shn
a71d4679973e8cea2a0322ba0470ed70 *ph00-09-08d02t06.shn
60a08df5898f5dbae3b1d6b3cdee8803 *ph00-09-08d02t07.shn
ec2b36859ef645f506bb67efbbae82c0 *ph00-09-08d02t08.shn

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