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Steve Kimock 07/01/03
Jenner Playhouse, Jenner, CA
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
Checksums APE24
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Source Summary *Steve Kimock & Banana*
**24bit** {onstage} Schoeps CMC6/MK4 > Lunatec V2 > Swissonic AD96 > RME Hammerfall Digiface > Sharp MV10 > Samplitude v7.02 > APE (24bit/48kHz)  
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7/1/03 - Steve Kimock & Banana
Jenner Playhouse - Jenner, CA

Recording Info:
(Stage) Schoeps CMC6/MK4 ->
Lunatec V2 ->
Swissonic AD96 ->
RME Hammerfall Digiface ->
Sharp MV10 ->
Samplitude v7.02 Professional ->
APE Discs (24bit/48k)

Recorded By Charlie Miller and Arielle Phares

Set One:
d1t01 - Introduction
d1t02 - Moley
d1t03 - The Cukoo
d1t04 - True Love Never Dies
d1t05 - Married To The Blues
d1t06 - Fox Glove Blues
d1t07 - Millionaire
d1t08 - Money
d1t09 - Cora Is Gone
d1t10 - Interlude In C
d1t11 - Slow Down

Set Two:
d1t12 - La Petite Groove
d2t01 - It's Up to You
d2t02 - Brother John
d2t03 - Impressionist Two-Step
d2t04 - Riding With The King
d2t05 - Cole's Law
d2t06 - Young Mans Blues
d2t07 - God's Unchanging Hands

d2t08 - Hippy From Olema

There is also a 16bit version of this source in circulation.
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dc3fec4a78a8aa1d9148dfc7a2153028 *skf2003-07-01d1t01.ape
e3c78dad676fbe0918e04bd611e271dc *skf2003-07-01d1t02.ape
fb2c3ed9d91f9d808c6c9152534691c8 *skf2003-07-01d1t03.ape
4814ad2433089dd587291899521112dc *skf2003-07-01d1t04.ape
948a32f7cfd532ff6b7ffbd05fdd3512 *skf2003-07-01d1t05.ape
fa3f346845f5d052fc0c34c1d2f53afa *skf2003-07-01d1t06.ape
9b240b95c7f3fce01d36a3febc8f5f0e *skf2003-07-01d1t07.ape
0df3911e1eef213acefbf35437b674aa *skf2003-07-01d1t08.ape
a04175aa1afd42b41588ae6403eec506 *skf2003-07-01d1t09.ape
194d311ddd3b058fb965cc1610c1131a *skf2003-07-01d1t10.ape
660453248dbe1ec55eb78cb97fae4696 *skf2003-07-01d1t11.ape
b00adb56ea728927bddc1e5f994ec8e5 *skf2003-07-01d1t12.ape
4a822a7e701e0ea423e8576955aa919f *skf2003-07-01d2t01.ape
6855c4f1dea4e0e813b1f378b552a1be *skf2003-07-01d2t02.ape
828770bf0c0c4c840a628b4510511b47 *skf2003-07-01d2t03.ape
2f1bfa6ffab9134433eb1544e1f448c5 *skf2003-07-01d2t04.ape
9cc44fcd7639287d92fc50add9fb98d6 *skf2003-07-01d2t05.ape
7e7ac6f619387f417528247a790533b1 *skf2003-07-01d2t06.ape
ade1d5b1d019f0266a5c6e6aa900c6b3 *skf2003-07-01d2t07.ape
66227159de6c53b0860b6fc68d44f395 *skf2003-07-01d2t08.ape

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