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Garcia 03/18/78
Warner Theater, Washington, DC
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums WAV , SHN
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band, Late Show: ?? > DATC > HD > DSP* > DataCDR > CDWave1.6 > mkwACTb0.97. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
March 18, 1978
Late Show
Warner Theater Music Hall
Washington D.C.

??>DATC>HD>DSP*>DataCDR>CDWave1.6>mkwACTb0.97 (July 2003)

Disc I (67:20)

1. Harder They Come
2. Mission in the Rain
3. Simple Twist of Fate
4. Midnight Moonlight
5. Gomorrah
6. Cats Down under the Stars
7. I'll be with Thee

Disc II (22:59)

1. Lonesome and Long Way from Home >
2. Jam >
3. Lonesome and Long Way from Home

4e.Palm Sunday

* Notes: Doug Oade performed the DSP on the transferred wav files using Waves REQ, RCL, and C4 plug ins.  Dithering via Waves IDR at 16bit.  Original source info is unknown. Track cuts, WAV > SHN conversion & verification done by dwonk. First BitTorrent Seeding hosted by macdaddy 8/03.
Show Checksums
1755b892ea03b29ed3389a7bf4be2998 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t01.wav
0337227cd7006dabbb9a29b24d42c9a4 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t02.wav
f2ce88d93dcc2d25e2fe96ffcd5c1722 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t03.wav
c305326d830aa326a79bfbd0d4e6a66c *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t04.wav
bba28962b2f66e7793decb4a9bf5f312 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t05.wav
903a4878aa9a44579f9f61f70e2850bc *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t06.wav
bca583448b77c00bffc991b56de29456 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t07.wav
0182111874850e37e81f37cc0443b939 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d2t01.wav
a8e5c41413cc0603040e6368a468b219 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d2t02.wav
37b1b957838add8b3f47dca6b0376b26 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d2t03.wav
a4ecd2d9b03a2b1fac596978d20edb45 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d2t04.wav
897d6b6ade7c004670150dab050874c4 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t01.shn
731c6364bf81041f6035d1a4e7057695 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t02.shn
0e0507e716a4443fedd4d35f088ffa6a *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t03.shn
8c55309627dbc5ad85f795bccae091c1 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t04.shn
1e0ac2636bd817420813989dbb9a0b79 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t05.shn
6720188ad336debb254c1fdc3f151a65 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t06.shn
c6031b4e35f1266c917b8419472766b1 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d1t07.shn
db309ed9e5604adcd189a43f6c39a150 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d2t01.shn
3e3dc242b876259cddfed02790df816c *JGB-1978-03-18b-d2t02.shn
c0aed4b0f223ba1630cb335f9b044ef8 *JGB-1978-03-18b-d2t03.shn
df819eb554b827ef2b0c9ef9659c35dd *JGB-1978-03-18b-d2t04.shn

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Date User Comment
08/09/2003 MattMan This source has the same fades and cuts as the Serafin seed. I wonder if DSP was conducted pre or post that Jay's source?
08/09/2003 Matt It could be said that I persuaded Doug Oade to do this project because it is surely one of the finer JGB performances. I had never heard a really good clean source of this show and it just happens Doug had just hooked me a new set of Tannoy Saturn Super 8's. We talked about it and he looked to see if he had it and then took the initiative. I am 99% sure this is not the same as above mentioned source.It is a definite upgrade to all circulating sources !
08/09/2003 Matt To clarify my own statement above - I believe this was done from more or less the "same source" as Jay, BUT not from Jay's remaster ... Doug would have def. noted that.
I have tried for 10+ years with only moderate success at getting an upgrade for this show and the majority I have heard (a lot) seem to be some variation of the Baltimore, MD. FM source ... whether or not this one is too, who knows ? -
it is def. the "brightest", cleanest version(still with minor flaws) to date and its HIGH-ly recommended for those who "know" how special this night was ... Thanks Doug ! ! !
08/09/2003 DSP performed by Doug within the last month .... hope that helps answer your question as well ...
08/10/2003 MattMan Yes, thank you. And you are correct in that this source is an improvement over Jay's edit.
10/08/2004 Diana This shn set has now been moved to its correct gig.