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Derek Trucks Band 01/15/00
Alligator Alley, Sunrise, FL
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Entered by Rus K
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Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary DSBD> SHN (no other source info) 
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Derek Trucks Band
Alligator Alley
Sunrise, FL

Source: DSBD> SHN (no other source info)

Disc 1:
01. Intro
02. Otto
03. Schoolgirl
04. Chicken
05. Tutu
06. Lovelight jam > Yeild Not
07. Soul Serenade >
08. Rastaman Chant
09. Ain't That Lovin' You
10. intros

Disc 2:
01. Afro Blue
02. Preachin' Blues >
03. Everything is Everything
04. Junko Partner >
05. Goin' Down Slow >
06. Lively Up Yourself
07. Travelin' South
08. intros
09. E: Feel So Bad*
10. thank you

*w/ Susan Tedeschi
Cravin Melon opened

d2t05 - slight pop @ 0:13
d2t07 - slight pop @ 2:36

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flac fingerprint
365c49e1d758356f25dd6d23fb220543 *dtb2000-01-15d1t01.flac
e8b5323c25036ca07bbedda80cb53471 *dtb2000-01-15d1t02.flac
c065f94ab4c8c023394709f742561d4e *dtb2000-01-15d1t03.flac
0d04a661b62381e725c12c46654a3518 *dtb2000-01-15d1t04.flac
ad1c2e139dd3e57ef093910f8bfac45b *dtb2000-01-15d1t05.flac
e30e400cda1a0b5992a00a1f0642f6e1 *dtb2000-01-15d1t06.flac
4d39844dc92351102be2ed015d0b7a57 *dtb2000-01-15d1t07.flac
5bbeb0b4034768c7b6c87bd14f3d8308 *dtb2000-01-15d1t08.flac
4bccef37ee6562cf01d33c1cd8610c54 *dtb2000-01-15d1t09.flac
a711800ee02845dc40897ffdbfcc9820 *dtb2000-01-15d1t10.flac
1b92701582ef68d8aef6d190d70582e6 *dtb2000-01-15d2t01.flac
9bba2698155d6e5829ec7ae0c543ad99 *dtb2000-01-15d2t02.flac
469ce4711a49dc1328471521c3f0aef4 *dtb2000-01-15d2t03.flac
53dba74b095908139f5a6e4d2c875208 *dtb2000-01-15d2t04.flac
4fd80c6ac8e5d33f3a244f4955d984af *dtb2000-01-15d2t05.flac
7f010e69a89131abaa0184fd9cb529d6 *dtb2000-01-15d2t06.flac
9e80f15d9494a9bd16d2a68d15a6917c *dtb2000-01-15d2t07.flac
36f09e673c16327e33174109f1d29176 *dtb2000-01-15d2t08.flac
e11383e1bf587455d1d402bfc31c5b80 *dtb2000-01-15d2t09.flac
53e786e356d63fa039894250e21a1b65 *dtb2000-01-15d2t10.flac

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