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Derek Trucks Band 06/09/00
Visulite Theatre, Charlotte, NC
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Entered by Rus K
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Shure BG-4.1> Zeifro In-Box> Sony D-8 (Taped/Transfrd The Reverand Jim Brown)  
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Derek Trucks Band
Visualite Theatre
Charlotte, NC

Source: Shure BG-4.1 > Zeifro In-Box > Sony D-8

Disc 1:
1. Egg 15
2. Ain't That Lovin' You
3. Oriental Folk Song
4. For My Brother > The Ghetto
5. Intros > Proto Cosmos*
6. Preachin' Blues >
7. Chicken*

Disc 2:
1. Drum >
2. 555 Lake > Jam >
3. Amazing Grace >
4. Rastaman Chant >
5. Travelin' South > Little By Little Jam > Travelin' South >
6. Rastaman Chant
7. E1: Cissy Strut >
8. Lively Up Yourself
9. E2: Feel So Bad**

*w/ Will Elder on sax
**w/ Will Elder on sax and Susan Tedeschi on vocals

Soundcheck: Gone Too Long, instrumental

Kofi tears up FMB

dropout d1t1 @ 0:48, 1:56
E2 -  Feel So Bad fades out early

Recorded and mastered by The Reverand Jim Brown
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e8ba32e006799236ee9b6deb5ccc5e09 *dtb2000-06-09d1t01.flac
55faa077000fd71b805709f35a50a894 *dtb2000-06-09d1t02.flac
1da7b7837d5383a04d4ee314b8f993ec *dtb2000-06-09d1t03.flac
0a8da9e93d7efb384849dc816d20b230 *dtb2000-06-09d1t04.flac
259c940a4c2c16cc96df450a5a81889d *dtb2000-06-09d1t05.flac
93bae40feb133e95033382544a4f76ab *dtb2000-06-09d1t06.flac
b7f5f401e79f89f52a26fbea93c2d482 *dtb2000-06-09d1t07.flac
3318555d561bfa682de4ac972d26dcc0 *dtb2000-06-09d2t01.flac
61b481a1baaa3c59baf49b9d287e2c7d *dtb2000-06-09d2t02.flac
c0e885a39ae2e5837dbd3107bd35c947 *dtb2000-06-09d2t03.flac
9dc2ae867ed341b73ebc83bf2da9295b *dtb2000-06-09d2t04.flac
7376942bdb0908b3f01860839ea98a66 *dtb2000-06-09d2t05.flac
91ed75fe65634fed53e1bd440fd480f5 *dtb2000-06-09d2t06.flac
8bf476126d7b6c725c1ad99002e8d43d *dtb2000-06-09d2t07.flac
84d50c7679f5bedc223003711c2abc03 *dtb2000-06-09d2t08.flac
be08aa442b3c5fc58d3e4ab3499de88f *dtb2000-06-09d2t09.flac

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