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String Cheese Incident 10/08/99
American Theater, St. Louis, MO
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Entered by Daniel Shay
Checksums All
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary MATRIX (SBD + ?) > Tascam DA-P1; Transfer: CD > EAC > flac16 
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String Cheese Incident


American Theatre
St. Louis, MO

Source: DSBD / Matrix (40/60) > Tascam DA-P1

Seed: EAC > FLAC  by Paul Hofferkamp (gruven42ATyahooDOTcom)

Disc 1:

-Set I-

01. Lester had a Coconut
02. Missing Me >
03. Joyful Sound
04. broken drum vamping
05. Remington Ride vamping
06. Remington Ride
07. Sand Dollar
08. Sitting On Top Of The World

Disc 2:

-Set II-

01. Black and White >
02. Pirates
03. Sing A New Song >
04. Kashmir
05. How Mountain Girls Can Love >
06. All Blues

Disc 3:

01. Shaking The Tree >
02. Black Clouds


03. Superstition*
04. Johnny Cash

* with Ozomatli

~PH  Johnny Cash

* with Ozomatli

Show Checksums
1c0c601033a6e64218f3332c672ca069 *sci1999-10-08d1t01.flac
979b40233880d076a7d0e66284ba83af *sci1999-10-08d1t02.flac
39c1ac214bbb82eb29f8a338a229eed6 *sci1999-10-08d1t03.flac
8eed65586005dbeec9bf8e5b36d18347 *sci1999-10-08d1t04.flac
6ea20a5bf1693d20c62b180fac43b0cd *sci1999-10-08d1t05.flac
0c4f79eab70b6c14587ecff13e399434 *sci1999-10-08d1t06.flac
55ac3cfbc6cf3de37e1b4e50a8f4e7bd *sci1999-10-08d1t07.flac
5e99d032b4817061852e412698d03e9b *sci1999-10-08d1t08.flac
3dc2f69f1bd614dd77b1edc2424f3c68 *sci1999-10-08d2t01.flac
d973cf9f4330ad6c24fa3770b87fae6e *sci1999-10-08d2t02.flac
4af2b05dec1e229e067ba9d5e9317ca5 *sci1999-10-08d2t03.flac
893da95d8e11562da4cc9455d40ab914 *sci1999-10-08d2t04.flac
e58bac2a82c281e11a0ac276f7679414 *sci1999-10-08d2t05.flac
45eacd2831b2960fd453d6ea684aac0e *sci1999-10-08d2t06.flac
a6607dd6c34920dbd118682156494c12 *sci1999-10-08d3t01.flac
c817a6f77e7cf33dadac29dec4bd9f97 *sci1999-10-08d3t02.flac
a19ce13cf8b8c538786ea8459a3ae47e *sci1999-10-08d3t03.flac
c7baac2647e9a060cc5a028a677b3b13 *sci1999-10-08d3t04.flac

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