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Phish 09/09/00
Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY
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Source # 1926 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Oktava MC012 (Hyper-Card) > Sound Devices MP2 > Sony D-10 Pro > CD > EAC > SHN; Taped by Pat Kelly; EAC > SHN conversion by Art Haynes 
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no info file
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2159d1f68cf17bc95aa672d67ac3ff5b *ph00-09-09d01t01.shn
58792c17410484fbbc686721b6555168 *ph00-09-09d01t02.shn
decf7f7fd0ab37060538e35c6839ba65 *ph00-09-09d01t03.shn
a18d0c948249ad54f5b5501cd070f5c2 *ph00-09-09d01t04.shn
25ea79157eb0212b8eaeb1643430a7bf *ph00-09-09d01t05.shn
309327c4b3d93f1570bcafffaedf3a7f *ph00-09-09d01t06.shn
9d3ef263038c258c04703c172e6f9f0c *ph00-09-09d01t07.shn
83ce2c45f17febe9b36b26774a74687a *ph00-09-09d01t08.shn
492d878d875bdb6564dd80ebe448ae4b *ph00-09-09d02t01.shn
6e6be2eb5d1853c7417cdd826776eb55 *ph00-09-09d02t02.shn
1f106500e818b91c9d2c5adafd992da0 *ph00-09-09d02t03.shn
2b9b4d0d45ac3d7102817a108a6e17d8 *ph00-09-09d02t04.shn
ef96117e7c1162151b01c9e4e45a7a0d *ph00-09-09d02t05.shn
186c6474b0015d211542ac8cb70401f4 *ph00-09-09d02t06.shn
66cc92dc512bec52c1decb81242c217b *ph00-09-09d02t07.shn
72591f043ac535721a812baec00b809b *ph00-09-09d02t08.shn

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