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String Cheese Incident 07/30/03
Trinity County Fairground, Hayfork, CA
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Entered by Daniel Shay
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Official OTR SCI-Fidelity Release: Matrix/SBD with AUD Patches 
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Disc 1 (Soundboard/Audience Matrix Mix)
1. Intro 0:29
2. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy> 7:40
3. Quarter Jam> 3:38
4. Born On The Wrong Planet 10:48
5. Can't Stop Now       5:48
6. Mouna Bowa 8:49
7. Close Your Eyes>> 11:45
8. Texas> 12:11
9. Shine 17:43

Disc 2 (Tracks 1-2 Soundboard, 3-8 Audience recording by Sandy Alexander)
1. Galactic> 7:53
2. So What> 4:23
3. Galactic 3:18
4. Texas Town* 4:52
5. Sittin' On Top Of The World*  4:27
6. Joyful Sound* 10:25
7. Blackberry Blossom* 4:16
8. Dark Hollow* 3:52

Disc 3 (Soundboard)
1. On The Road 22:53
2. Shakin' The Tree 12:38
3. 'Round The Wheel 11:20
4. Chatter 1:00
5. Superstition 7:53


Those of you who were THERE, already know that the main power failed several times during the show.  The first of these ocurred during the end of the first set, on the final notes of "Shine".  During the second set, power failures during Galactic, Texas Town, and Joyful Sound caused the band to ultimately play an unplugged acoustic set at the lip of the stage.  We normally record each "On The Road' with four different pieces of equipment, a DVD recorder, DA78 multi-track tape, DAT tape for Soundboard, and DAT tape for Audience Mics.  The power failures prevented us from getting complete recordings of the second set.  

We want to thank our friend Sandy Alexander for supplying the "missing pieces" from the show.  Sandy's tapes were used for the second half of Galactic (d2,t3) through Dark Hollow (d2,t8).  To show you how strange an evening this really was, Sandy ALSO had power problems with his equipment, and the tapes we obtained from him, which we understand to be the only avaialable tapes of the unplugged acoustic portion of the show, had some unusual pitch variations which had to be corrected by the folks at Airshow Mastering.  We were unable to make the recordings PERFECT, but we spent a great deal of time trying to make this show 'releaseable'.  In the end, we just felt uncomfortable with selling this recording, as it is far below the quality standards for OTR.  

Despite the many issues on this show, we know there are people out there who would want to hear this recording, and everyone here agreed that the best thing to do was to let our fans have it and pass it around like they do with the tapes recorded by our vibrant taping community.  So please help pass this recording around by offering up B&P (blank & postage) offers, or by sharing this show by digital downloads.

Obviously, the second disc has portions that are not the greatest sounding, but we felt that we'd present the show in as complete and good sounding version as we could provide.  


Larry Fox
OTR Project Manager


This recording is made available for free trade/distribution by
the String Cheese Incident/SCI Fidelity Records and Madison House.

Feel free to trade/copy it for your friends, but it must never be
sold, bartered, or auctioned.

SCI Fidelity Records retains all rights regarding this performance.

This recording was prepared as part of the "On The Road" Live Concert
Series, and due to a host of technical issues, we decided not to release
this show for sale.    The band, Madsion House, SCI Fidelity decided to
make this recording available to thank those who attended this show for
their overwhelming patience and support through a very difficult and unusual

This recording may be placed on eTree Servers, Live Music Archive, and other
FREE NON-COMMERCIAL live music servers.   Please do not attempt to profit
off of this recording. That's not why it was released, and you'll seriously
jeopardize our ability to do this in the future if you don't follow our simple
request to keep it free and non-commercial!

This message MUST accompany the download files when placed on a server.

For additional questions/comments, please contact..

Larry Fox
OTR Project Manager
SCI Fidelity Records
[email protected]

Virtually every show from April 2002 to the present is avaialable for purchase
at www.SCIOnTheRoad.Com    If you like the sound of this recording (especially the
first set, which is the only one truly representative of what the OTR's really sound
like), we hope you'll try some of the other recordings in our catalog.

Show Checksums
0c3a1c50fc879fcee0ea54ee236c7d3a *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d1t06.shn
a8ce18e915cfc79117b9c5d194f054c5 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d1t07.shn
282591a40e99173909a02ecee8635f65 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d1t08.shn
f2e1329acc5c54adfd8ff3f4b7486a09 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d1t09.shn
845bf366ca67521c909ef2f9da1577db *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d2t01.shn
10314d618fc7e28bed6df13b74ca88e3 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d2t02.shn
c252f9bbb4baef6eb0a0f982159afa62 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d2t03.shn
406fe6f71ff22f765e66c56356b71934 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d2t04.shn
a243597be0693896d193c5731b924099 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d2t05.shn
e9e4fefb8db33743b88fafaccc29b5e9 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d2t06.shn
460a9d8b2d1dfd9f21604bec3cf067d5 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d2t07.shn
4c923fb47570bdb8f4a4b46e4aa76cd6 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d2t08.shn
a1c42eaf777b0007f50ffadc618a1da2 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d3t01.shn
fb513346868af53a1d9591e877ca6c76 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d3t02.shn
3eab197e39a1241e6e6bc3c23ea67b5c *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d3t03.shn
1a97d846e83d28450301a9b7a1a2505a *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d3t04.shn
2a9f27e9e076f1a41a8c6e9ca3d129e3 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d3t05.shn
0c148863da7750711ad5c2f035a309bd *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d1t01.shn
808b8eb6bd84468f86dc98abcf7a8d3a *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d1t02.shn
2f0b9258d36502cda6038ba6fa52ad88 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d1t03.shn
67529294941e22ee651b1fd641a9e749 *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d1t04.shn
52588f8a34c860d42de4c400a1fba70a *SCI-2003-07-30-OTR-d1t05.shn

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