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Phish 09/12/00
Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Set 1: B+K 4011 > Lunatec V2 > ADC20 > DA-P1; Set 2: [In house FM-ALD > [email protected] + B+K 4011 > Lunatec V2 > ADC20 > DA-P1] Matrix; Cubase SX > CDWav > SHNv3; Note: a FM source does not exist for Set 1 
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PHiSH - 9/12/00
Tweeter Center (GREAT WOODS!)
Mansfield, MA

FM/ALD Source: In house FM > DAT @ 48K
AUD Source: B&K 4011's > Lunatec V2 > ADC20 > DA-P1

Set One:
01. Wolfman's Brother
02. Scent of a Mule
03. My Soul
04. Ginseng Sullivan
05. First Tube
06. Divided Sky
07. Wilson

DISC TWO (Hybrid)
Set Two:
01. Down with Disease >
02. Heavy Things
03. Split Open & Melt
04. HYHU > Bike > HYHU

DISC THREE (more Hybrid)
Set Two(cont):
01. 2001 >
02. Mike's Song >
03. I am Hydrogen >
04. Weekapaug Groove
05. Squirming Coil

Edits and mix performed on DoomTooth in Cubase SX by [email protected]

I had so much fun and recieved such a great response from the doing the 7/11/00 FM-ALD/AUD Hybrid that I thought I'd do another.  I wish the FM/ALD from Set One circulated as it would've been nice to do the entire show.  Alas, I included set one from the AUD source to make the show complete.  Believe it or not, there were more problems with the AUD than with the FM/ALD when I was performing this mix - there were at least 3 major dropouts in the AUD, I patched them so smoothly you'll never even notice.  After rendering all of Set II in Cubase SX I used CD-WAV to create track ID's and then used SHNv3 to create seekable SHNs.Big thanks to marklar (Mr. Marmar) for some advice about the FM and some feedback on the final mix.

Why is this a "hybrid" and not a "matrix"?
I guess it's a post-production matrix, but the term hybrid came from a friend and it refers to my patented process for mixing and mastering the 2 filesets into 1.

the original filesets used were:

Show Checksums
b7dde1497d7df752ca31df364359e325 *ph2000-09-12d1t01.shn
610fead1e613f5bed407a7a76e2686d6 *ph2000-09-12d1t02.shn
6098bc73dfb40dcea91cf53243f671f4 *ph2000-09-12d1t03.shn
e26995445f7b8214582738ed90f27dc8 *ph2000-09-12d1t04.shn
d4457dcc83ea3c75fc1f764f2e90c2a2 *ph2000-09-12d1t05.shn
1958e4b84714be252cfe91be87fbc4e8 *ph2000-09-12d1t06.shn
6d8891e6153217cb6d54270e1a4380ea *ph2000-09-12d1t07.shn
44e010e301936868583310dfaa996724 *ph2000-09-12d2t01-hybrid.shn
9a4d3b8bfc1e664b1efdc5e8c45bb0b0 *ph2000-09-12d2t02-hybrid.shn
9cb6fad0b8e90ebb7b335c07f6091eb2 *ph2000-09-12d2t03-hybrid.shn
ac06950f92109c82b7c63c00da87aef2 *ph2000-09-12d2t04-hybrid.shn
5cbbd968889bf19fa97e0b898a77bce4 *ph2000-09-12d3t01-hybrid.shn
97e3c9ac19877f626d76a60fad9e4669 *ph2000-09-12d3t02-hybrid.shn
4972eb54170a114cd9b3129ffd05d39e *ph2000-09-12d3t03-hybrid.shn
1e736de66517c64f05def4f737534be7 *ph2000-09-12d3t04-hybrid.shn
1914094e9d1f4cb66ddec17db6f256e2 *ph2000-09-12d3t05-hybrid.shn
d566e486143622dabcc46194e8a18cbd [shntool] ph2000-09-12d1t01.shn
ea407b4bff28ddf8a0900913b6f1bfaa [shntool] ph2000-09-12d1t02.shn
23e0d49b4cb6c62b5e173d20996988ca [shntool] ph2000-09-12d1t03.shn
2e515661fc7dd2c6ece5f492a73da28f [shntool] ph2000-09-12d1t04.shn
85b5e5df987e2bb5b85321da6a74c219 [shntool] ph2000-09-12d1t05.shn
fccc002123a5d580a00fccc1e62f1a22 [shntool] ph2000-09-12d1t06.shn
87c9d141d3988f237fab3a6cb8352433 [shntool] ph2000-09-12d1t07.shn
3b28454f4610970e08acd3693e0b89f7 [shntool] ph2000-09-12d2t01-hybrid.shn
98004e2966513da3903c88c8e5ffc04a [shntool] ph2000-09-12d2t02-hybrid.shn
35e471acbb67a544a8c0584e35ea009b [shntool] ph2000-09-12d2t03-hybrid.shn
5f729c0fc77359f7446231cfdca3e272 [shntool] ph2000-09-12d2t04-hybrid.shn
80b8fa9a27359e039ebbc71fe6c91dd7 [shntool] ph2000-09-12d3t01-hybrid.shn
3614b410b278b35cd3df5ca57b7385f5 [shntool] ph2000-09-12d3t02-hybrid.shn
972e37d139af9bceed96bbbbaa5a3d37 [shntool] ph2000-09-12d3t03-hybrid.shn
d8745ae0fb8fbd380ccaffb72381a09b [shntool] ph2000-09-12d3t04-hybrid.shn
351e0322fc08e34ea72a54e7f7dcf78a [shntool] ph2000-09-12d3t05-hybrid.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
shnf or... (4) B+K 4011(dfc ots) > Lunatec... (0) AKG 480/ck63 > Graham... (0) Set 2 only; In house FM >... (5) Schoeps cmc6/mk41 > Sonosax... (0) flac16; B&K 4011's >... (0)
Date User Comment
01/24/2007 Eyes113073 There is an In-House FM for the Set I as well. I have it and would be gald to get it to someone to torrent. I am supposed to be put in touch with someone who can help me transfer some others I have as well (on DAT)...