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Phish 10/06/00
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
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Source # 1986 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary FOB (sec 102) Schoeps mk4 > BR Box > SBM1 > D100; DTC 690 > Otari CD-R 18 pro standalone burner; Retracked using plextor 12/20 > EAC (as one file) > CDWav > mkwact > SHN 
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Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, CA

Source:  FOB (sec 102) Schoeps mk4 > BR Box > SBM1 > D100
Transfer:  DTC 690>Otari CD-R 18 pro standalone burner

**retracked using
plextor 12/20>eac (as one file)>cdwav>mkwact

Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Carini*
3. Stash
4. Boogie on Reggae Woman*
5. Mellow Mood
6. Maze*
6. Moma Dance
8. Antelope

Disc 2
1. Intro
2. Heavy Things
3. Down with Disease* > Spock's Brain
4. Josie Wales
5. Rift*
6. Cities*
7. Sand*
8. Golgi*
9. Brian & Robert
10. Bold as Love*

Disc 3
1. Intro
2. El Paso
3. Chalkdust*
4. West LA*

there are fades at the beginning and end of each set, including the encore.  done by the original converter.  I would not normally do an intro on the encore, even with fades, but there was a long enough of a gap before el paso started that it made sense.
Show Checksums
d951a6c481f1efa123db4ba242ee2adb *ph2000-10-06d1t06.shn
6e685abc97225d855758d4da700a1677 *ph2000-10-06d1t02.shn
9b10f2e5aefa45260c52e3f5acbf4b43 *ph2000-10-06d1t03.shn
72da093333c88c4ae46db87f82bbef55 *ph2000-10-06d1t04.shn
20c22c1f869012b34ed7f1d77496a88a *ph2000-10-06d1t05.shn
9a70b66f637015d7e4bc672e78633d71 *ph2000-10-06d1t01.shn
19228889a8c9614b56b3c25b6bba8ae8 *ph2000-10-06d1t07.shn
7907a1040bacdcdb66b757d1e096ae90 *ph2000-10-06d1t08.shn
40718cc15b91b20f8a14558f4db9748b *ph2000-10-06d2t06.shn
b958ff2695a7e64c9478ac31e5e2b907 *ph2000-10-06d2t02.shn
e4e44b68f477d69671c0fc9a2016c47d *ph2000-10-06d2t03.shn
a20ca3c54714534c9092d5b09a464f48 *ph2000-10-06d2t04.shn
c864a8111a2d5296d02586c3320fe8bc *ph2000-10-06d2t05.shn
399b90792a68f15064a58d0b7beb8b28 *ph2000-10-06d2t01.shn
3a82c0443435efd8b12db53ce1b74fc3 *ph2000-10-06d2t07.shn
8d399a1e3fc8ec814c7d713b1fd5ecd4 *ph2000-10-06d2t08.shn
a3cbf8bc0854a19048f0d49132cb7d24 *ph2000-10-06d2t09.shn
a5dcf7508a7059691506ad81193463c1 *ph2000-10-06d2t10.shn
60cd556f3f2f46bbdff3753ca3408396 *ph2000-10-06d3t03.shn
d27ec02c15b013cf27cda3cd1730ae2c *ph2000-10-06d3t02.shn
068c690bf9513ef99ae0ffc4d2b3a236 *ph2000-10-06d3t01.shn
8173dad87f8dfab0b775d360eb14e14f *ph2000-10-06d3t04.shn
e55f61fd34333495df41e6d2e5b03a35 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d1t01.shn
916584a2c45707ff9c36f9d8ac6341bd [shntool] ph2000-10-06d1t02.shn
244babf84004851ffe401a0946ebc44a [shntool] ph2000-10-06d1t03.shn
bbce19436cb95464bad03456c4c5afb2 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d1t04.shn
d38dc20b9fbf6123148de8e91ee8d6d9 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d1t05.shn
b45e0412699d8a93c4f2743cad7b8dbf [shntool] ph2000-10-06d1t06.shn
491964a42991dde6b51d5b7708365e50 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d1t07.shn
a52c861c5be33c49fd35e7fe8c1ea4ec [shntool] ph2000-10-06d1t08.shn
e173aa37f1688a6145278a9975461b79 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d2t01.shn
032d159a8cf2743b10e8f2beaba825d3 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d2t02.shn
d37e326c9a1383c02de266fe3aa81483 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d2t03.shn
179b66ccbe0b5da7ca2a859f9bad9dc9 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d2t04.shn
25c9b01c6247e63da56cc77efca44f25 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d2t05.shn
b5bfbb9f259cc60237406ad80b54030b [shntool] ph2000-10-06d2t06.shn
3deb1d5be112c5a39340c108a88c3d24 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d2t07.shn
c41deda267741f8ef44d7bf10016f9b0 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d2t08.shn
224984a93fc596d8ed4f5396c1d4f6d3 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d2t09.shn
4cfb51d5bd220bb0135b6d1d9cf275d8 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d2t10.shn
d4c742c94dc90c04db5f61447fb1003d [shntool] ph2000-10-06d3t01.shn
5c86562cc3cc30c8f3515c12c87208a0 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d3t02.shn
7f204050269911ef59ad438b542af1c0 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d3t03.shn
bcf814b00b0d45eaec17e8d5cff8a225 [shntool] ph2000-10-06d3t04.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
shnf or... (2) AKG 480b's (cardoids) ->... (3) B&K 4011's > Lunatec V2 >... (0) Schoeps mk41 > kc5 > cmc6 >... (0) AKG 460b/ck61 > V2 > SBM1 >... (0) flac16, 44kHz;... (0) flac16, 44kHz; AKG... (0) flac16, 44kHz;... (1) flac16, 44kHz;... (0) flac16, 48kHz; AKG... (0) flac16, 48kHz; B&K... (0) flac16, 48kHz;... (0) flac16, 48kHz;... (0)
Date User Comment
11/28/2000 Col. Forbin Sound is very good. Relatively little crowd noise for an FOB. Much more bassy than the the
AKG source (and the AKG's aren't lacking bass). Overall, the AKG source sounds better b/c there is
no crowd noise. If the bass response on your speakers is bad/you always have to turn it up, go with
this FOB source. Anyone else care to opine?
01/05/2001 Colin There is no track split in the DwD->Spock's Brain, it is just listed as DwD, otherwise this is a good recording
01/05/2001 Diana Hamilton Thanks Colin, I've now added the song to the info file here.