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String Cheese Incident 09/28/03
Big Spring Jam, Huntsville, AL
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Entered by Daniel Shay
Checksums All
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC4 > MMe > Tascam DA-P1; Transer: Archive Python > Dat2Wav > CDWave > mkwACT (.shn) 
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The String Cheese Incident
Big Spring Jam
Huntsville, Alabama

Source: Schoeps CMC4>Mini-Me>P1
Transer: Archive Python>Dat2Wav>CDWav

Taped and Transfered:  Dennis([email protected]) and Hall([email protected])
Let us know of any issues...

Set 1
Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Lost
3. Wake Up
4. White Freighliner
5. Panama Red
6. MLT
7. Born on the Wrong Planet
8. It is what it is

Set 2
Disc 2
1. Intro
2. Under African Skies 1
3. Freedom Jazz Dance 2
4. Rhythm of the Road
5. Another Night

Disc 3
1. Got What He Wanted
2. Valley of the Jig
3. Restless Wind
4. Crowd
5. Sirens
6. Walk this Way

1 with Dave Watts (percussion), Scott Messersmith (percussion) and Dominic Lalli (Sax) of the Motet
2 with all of the above plus Mark Donovan (guitar) and Greg Raymond (keyboards) from the Motet
Show Checksums
85e33ff1760052d22a8ea91da7e6a49c *sci2003-09-28d1t01.shn
0e9035a2f1165c66985ead6857bf353f *sci2003-09-28d1t02.shn
6007b626d80cfd1a7711ca82aa02ac9b *sci2003-09-28d1t03.shn
e05bd4c3dd8edac5bc8b93b16b05e004 *sci2003-09-28d1t04.shn
dbd8c0ad4e413c1e095fb4feb329da3e *sci2003-09-28d1t05.shn
fb99bbc2555d37d778039c55de4b96b5 *sci2003-09-28d1t06.shn
3a0f371dbacc603d6e653bb6b19cd2bd *sci2003-09-28d1t07.shn
9b21bc41a98a2358fe2dfb3e7f863e4c *sci2003-09-28d1t08.shn
a6830ca3057dbbc75a83a7ac82c02cc6 *sci2003-09-28d2t01.shn
ad291f6f547273451179b86f69274fce *sci2003-09-28d2t02.shn
e0c8fe240a631cb29cf1f6fa7659c18f *sci2003-09-28d2t03.shn
296bc362c89a8b6dce56c5d5af079cf3 *sci2003-09-28d2t04.shn
a02978d72f5f1ce85ccd8ae21666a694 *sci2003-09-28d2t05.shn
d11f900eb8cbf70cb85db19300c04d13 *sci2003-09-28d3t01.shn
e478361d89e692e8447041b1a715007c *sci2003-09-28d3t02.shn
5d55529e752cb517f0208179fa8e3902 *sci2003-09-28d3t03.shn
34588038a82504e634afb8c4e84b5b21 *sci2003-09-28d3t04.shn
db06cb3affb8aeef3939f003fe09a9b4 *sci2003-09-28d3t05.shn
65559390dd674c1ab52eee0fc7d73b28 *sci2003-09-28d3t06.shn

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