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Phish 09/29/00
Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV
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Source # 2047 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary Schoeps mk41 > KC5 > M222 > NT222 > AD1000 > HHB AD1000: Harmonics ON, Softlimit OFF (DFC/FOB in hat 80-100' from stage); Sony PCM-R500 > Zefiro ZA2 (48>44.1) > Soundforge 4.5a > CDwav > mkwact > Plextor 12x/4x/32x 
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Thomas & Mack Center - Las Vegas, NV
Septemeber 29, 2000

Source: Schoeps MK41>KC5>M222>NT222>AD1000>HHB
AD1000: Harmonics ON, Softlimit OFF
Preamp: Elvo NT222

Location: DFC/FOB in Hat (80-100' from stage)

DAT > SHN: Sony PCM-R500 > Zefiro ZA2 (48>44.1) >
Soundforge 4.5a > CDwav > mkwact >
Plextor 12x/4x/32x
([email protected])

Disc One:

01: Set I Intro
02: Carini
03: Rift
04: Frankenstien
05: Mellow Mood
06: Wilson >
07: Spock's Brain >
08: Bathtub Gin >
09: Character Zero

Disc Two:

01: Set II Intro
02: Dinner and a Movie
03: Moma Dance >
04: 2001
05: Fluffhead
06: Meatstick
07: Walk This Way
08: Rapper's Delight* >
09: You Shook Me (All Night Long)* >
10: E: Were's an American Band*

*with Kid Rock

Notes: Cool Edit Pro used for set fade ins/outs.

Show Checksums
e2dca94de6f94e373d8ddc8bad340c08 *ph9-29-00d1t9.shn
4644050e29291e8d7ec28742dd60c2fa *ph9-29-00d1t2.shn
7dbfdc6604eaa6c3ad453d5ff2658d98 *ph9-29-00d1t3.shn
50098111ed43f51c86a6ee56f70ccaea *ph9-29-00d1t4.shn
8d2a99806383eba94632966d5af464f5 *ph9-29-00d1t5.shn
2c7c07514b10816e108cd26e3d740865 *ph9-29-00d1t6.shn
68067d299d6b2473400aee4baccc4a09 *ph9-29-00d1t7.shn
fb612d296039a01b16fc243dc0349286 *ph9-29-00d1t8.shn
5a2fd33873f651a019766ac4e4a5812d *ph9-29-00d1t1.shn
6089f3987d8d861735f0f880d7fd1f31 *ph9-29-00d2t10.shn
e8b1a7739708f74d66b9b401c1510f2a *ph9-29-00d2t02.shn
bd0d2cf5d663dbcf6adc244661b2a308 *ph9-29-00d2t03.shn
4613b59854c72360c173fa47a609a654 *ph9-29-00d2t04.shn
8320c4a0219ec0c3c11fe1f3c34937b3 *ph9-29-00d2t05.shn
1ebca44c0e385567acec3318a2967fd7 *ph9-29-00d2t06.shn
17417e9fec947ca47a797c9baa835b4d *ph9-29-00d2t07.shn
7eb2082067f344235e1da273393393e0 *ph9-29-00d2t08.shn
a3a5967b3c0a0b5beef44a23e5bbe083 *ph9-29-00d2t09.shn
6813da536fed6dc98fdb99e275f36333 *ph9-29-00d2t01.shn
13e7d87513791392c4d83a1dc6b5560c [shntool] ph9-29-00d1t1.shn
b2febdef38afad7c4c5b0acf29b64317 [shntool] ph9-29-00d1t2.shn
edaa773f8432c71643c499404f4ccced [shntool] ph9-29-00d1t3.shn
36d45ef989e82d17d99cd071dfb70492 [shntool] ph9-29-00d1t4.shn
aa067c99777b3662ec6e43972a013edf [shntool] ph9-29-00d1t5.shn
699e0ce7bba020f923e39488064b463c [shntool] ph9-29-00d1t6.shn
bffcf7f12c96ca0ba8e36af39042fe9d [shntool] ph9-29-00d1t7.shn
007ab554d9210e9cc270d4ec7344ec0b [shntool] ph9-29-00d1t8.shn
d2a22305fd006038bb27a07cc9b1a5ec [shntool] ph9-29-00d1t9.shn
45e82fe02c9977c0484234ff83806a8e [shntool] ph9-29-00d2t01.shn
8ae3def23bddb7030b432339c3f265a2 [shntool] ph9-29-00d2t02.shn
9e56862fa7fafd176389516958cf2e5b [shntool] ph9-29-00d2t03.shn
624fb574fed3ea6f791deea122dd16e3 [shntool] ph9-29-00d2t04.shn
b61be8032f787dc2a2ac4884b2018809 [shntool] ph9-29-00d2t05.shn
0fccf49128a321a7ca56954874f201c9 [shntool] ph9-29-00d2t06.shn
3cee5b32d6f44fd629cfd6b9a0caa4e4 [shntool] ph9-29-00d2t07.shn
865a179285c3f410b19e4b44ecb52ccd [shntool] ph9-29-00d2t08.shn
eeea2fa1ec25d5e82fe874f7a441f360 [shntool] ph9-29-00d2t09.shn
1008fa9c05f6d270baaf13d49f07d6ed [shntool] ph9-29-00d2t10.shn

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Date User Comment
01/04/2001 John Riordan This seed ROCKS. Too bad it didn't make it out before all the others so everyone could have gotten this one instead of the other sources out there. A very clear, very awesome FOB Schoeps Tubes tape. Thanks Crazy Ed!
01/05/2001 Jim Raras If you like the Tubes in general, you'll like this source. However, there is a good amount of clipping at points. Haven't heard the 621>ADK FOBs yet so can't compare. One thing though, is that the vocals on the Kid Rock segement sound very nice!