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Garcia 06/08/73
Lake Whippoorwill, Warrenton, VA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Old & In The Way: MAC (Taped by Jerry Moore, Sony 126 w/ built-in mic, right in front of stage) > ? > digital cleanup > CD. NB this originally circulated as "unknown aud" but has been confirmed to be from the Moore master. 
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Old & In the Way
Lake Whippoorwill, Warrenton, VA

8th Annual Warrenton Bluegrass Folk Festival

MAC (Taped by Jerry Moore, Sony 126 w/ built-in mic, right
in front of stage) > ? > transfer (Dave Tamarkin) >
digital cleanup (Peter G.) > CD.
**info file updated 8/2004, had been listed as "Unknown Aud"**

1. Instrumental
2. On and On
3. The Willow Garden
4. Mule Skinner Blues
5. Land Of The Navajo
6. 'Til The End Of The World Rolls 'Round
7. No It Ain't (1)
8. Lost (1?)

(1) with Tex Logan on fiddle
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11/25/2003 Joe Jupille Does Garcia play on this? Of course I should have asked before I approved the .shns.

One other thing. There may have been multiple auds of this made, but it's doubtful. It seems highly likely that this is from Jerry Moore's master. In fact, Jerry confirmed that what originally circulated about six months ago (a cassette transfer by Dave Tamarkin, digital editing by Peter G.) was from a copy of his master. (The master itself was abandoned long ago, apparently.) So, if this is indeed from that source, it was taped by Jerry Moore, who has this to say:

"Taped it on a Sony 126 stereo portable cassette, with the mike that came with the machine. Stage was set up on a platform a few feet out in a lake, with the first 15 or 20 feet of shoreline fenced off for guests. The PA was just inside that fence. I knew one of the other bands, so I sat right in front of the stage, pointing the mike AT the stage. Unfortunately, this meant the PA was BEHIND me, and I was holding the mike wrong to begin with. The master sounded miserable, so I chucked it years ago, but obviously made at least one copy first. The clean-up on this one, IMO, was very successful. ... This would be my earliest surviving audience tape."
08/28/2004 Joe Jupille BTW, Garcia did play on this, and the info file has been updated to reflect current understanding of the source of this material