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Garcia 02/19/69
Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia (banjo), David Nelson, and Frank Wakefield: SBD > ? > PCM > WAV > CDR; transfer Sony PCM-601ESD (electrical) > SEK'D ProdifPro96 > Samplitude > Wav; some edits, see info file for details. 
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Jerry Garcia (banjo), David Nelson, and Frank Wakefield
The Matrix Coffeehouse
San Francisco, Ca.

Tranfer Sony PCM-601ESD (electrical)>SEK'D ProdifPro96>Samplitude>Wav

Edits on wav file include:  
resampling 48>44.1Khz to address bad transfer to PCM, suggesting a DAT at 48K preceded in lineage; remastered levels to improve bottom-end by a ~5 dB using Samplitude Producer 2496; and a few fades.

1. Instrumental (?) (1st 10sec from alt dat source)
2. On and On
3. Walls of Time
4. Instrumental (?)
5. Teardrops in my Eyes
6. Big River
7. Working on a Building
8. Breaking in a Brand New Pair of Shoes
9. Instrumental (?)
10. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
11. Blue and Lonesome Too
12. Instrumental (?Monroe)
13. //I wonder where you are tonight
14. Instrumental (?)
15. ?
16. Instrumental (?)

Uploaded by [email protected]

Until someone has anything more definitive to suggest, I'll go with the current data on the PCM tape. had this to say:

COMMENTS  Book Of The Dead Heads and DeadBase IX list the Dead at Fillmore West on this date.  There is tape in circulation with this date, labeled "Garcia, Nelson & Wakefield, the Matrix, San Francisco 2/19/69," 90 SBD reels, but it is not Grateful Dead and (probably not Wakefield either).  Dave Sorochty's research in the archives of San Francisco newspapers was unable to turn up any mention of either of these shows, although the paper generally listed Matrix shows and ran ads for the Fillmore West.  It seems very doubtful that the Dead played Fillmore West.  The SF Chronicle did list Casady & Kaukonen at the Matrix on this date, with Weird Herald opening.  If Garcia, Nelson and whoever did play a set at the Matrix on this date, they was unbilled (or were they "Weird Herald"?).


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b508eaadefaf3aded645c4de9edb73bb *jg_dn_fw69-02-19D1T11.shn
77a302c16a43b982ff50efe0cb15788b *jg_dn_fw69-02-19D1T12.shn
42e8f610cbc4dca61055749daf176004 *jg_dn_fw69-02-19D1T13.shn
6f391b80f5ce815595c343a99f73fd7e *jg_dn_fw69-02-19D1T14.shn
60638684c3740aed3f9b22fefde42c42 *jg_dn_fw69-02-19D1T15.shn
43e538559b665a0716e193747c8d06f2 *jg_dn_fw69-02-19D1T01.shn

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