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String Cheese Incident 10/23/96
The Brewery (East), Wilmington, NC
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Source # 2099 Other Sources
Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary Unknown source, probably analog > DAT; analog? > DAT > CDR untracked > EAC > tracked with CDWav > .shn 
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An Official High Fidelity Cheese moldy release:

10/23/96 - The Brewery, Raleigh, NC
Source: unknown, probably analog>dat
analog?>dat>cd untracked>eac>tracked with cd wave>.shn
taper: unknown (seed provided by Frank Seanz)
tracked and .shn'd by spider john ([email protected])

Notice: By decompressing these .shns you agree not to illegally profit from this music. Do
not sell this music! Please distribute freely. Please keep this file intact.

HFC Note: This .shn comes "as is". This show has several problems including a cut in How Mountain Girls Can
Love.  There is a bit of hiss and other minor problems. However, we believe this to be listenable and worth
spreading since an exhaustive search turned up no other copies of better quality. There may not be any other
version of this older show. If you have a better copy, please email [email protected] Enjoy this
very moldy show!

Disc and track timings added on 1/24/2002 by Brad Leblanc
[email protected]

Set 1
Disc 1:
01: Dudley's Kitchen 03:44
02: Hold What You Got 03:59
03: Band Introductions 01:25
04: Rhum 'n' Zouc > 07:39
05: Black Clouds 05:41
06: Bigger Isn't Better 08:26
07: Moonflower 11:10
08: Missing Me > 05:40
09: How Mountain Girls Can Love (cut) 02:37

Total Disc 1: 50:21

Disc 2
01: Jellyfish > 06:48
02: Texas   13:56
03: Summertime 05:17
04: San Jose > Jam 10:41
05: I Know You Rider 08:07

Disc 2 Total: 44:49

Prior to Rhum, each band member introduces himself to the rather small audience, and makes jokes about how few people are there for the show.
Show Checksums
d504f86aaea829834422de51f13e7b87 *sci96-10-23d1t1.shn
1f2513bdb2ee370695125d97c8d957ce *sci96-10-23d1t2.shn
d5aea3f04e332d2142a6dec64165fc16 *sci96-10-23d1t3.shn
14d45798e7debdd976d51271e2893b9f *sci96-10-23d1t4.shn
7f85c6f190a7778d98188841711d4664 *sci96-10-23d1t5.shn
532737de0916edb1da3270f6dfecdcfc *sci96-10-23d1t6.shn
eca61d834c46e99f960dd4d07ac79c9e *sci96-10-23d1t7.shn
3e91a0843cc3aa8ddc70236aada9d1f5 *sci96-10-23d1t8.shn
316d28d8e21f1b1e63c7dff63ecf5929 *sci96-10-23d1t9.shn
42bcddf57cb766ac45aaedcde920e37d *sci96-10-23d2t1.shn
dae9dbad73fb8452eabc98e572a2b622 *sci96-10-23d2t2.shn
89c1020f8005df680944d7b63a75adc4 *sci96-10-23d2t3.shn
78a5a084e63b4ab22a480aeab72d8e26 *sci96-10-23d2t4.shn
64efbf1d4a7311e29eca1edb7a8f06a8 *sci96-10-23d2t5.shn

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Date User Comment
06/24/2001 Brad In an email from Ryan on 6/24/01:

Hey Brad...I was looking through some SHN details and noticed that the info for 10/23/96 is incorrect.
I did the analog to CD transfer my self and it was never put on DAT before being burnt to disc. Here is the correct info...hope this helps. =^)

Unknown Audience Mics > Analog Master > 1st Generation Analog > Pioneer CT-W606DR > Cool Edit Pro (Hiss Reduce & Tracking) > Adaptec EZCD (DAO) > CD Master
This Is An Audience Sourced Show...not a SBD like everyone seems to think. I can see where people could be mistaken though, it sounds damn good. I flaked on getting the mic info when I received this show on analog years ago.

Hope all is well...

Ryan n CA
09/06/2001 Spider John actually, i got this from frank seanz...who transfered it from dat to cd. i guess i might actually have gone analog>cd>dat>cd...who knows. :-)