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Phish 09/17/00
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d1wav , d2wav , d3wav
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps m222/mk41 > Elvo nt222 > Apogee AD-1000 @48kHz; Sony 59ES > Audio Magic Presto II > ZA2 > Soundforge 4.5(48>44.1) > CDWav > SHN; D8 patch by Sean Dougherty; Transfer and encoding by Eric McRoberts 
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Phish 9-17-2000 Meriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
Schoeps m222/mk41->Elvo nt222->Apogee AD-1000 @48kHz:
Sony 59ES->Audio Magic Presto II->ZA2->Soundforge 4.5(48>44.1)->CDWav->.shn
D8 patch by Sean Dougherty.  Transfer and encoding by Eric McRoberts

Disk 1
Set I:
1.  Guyute
2.  Get Back On The Train
3.  Bathtub Gin
4.  Limb by Limb
5.  Moma Dance
6.  Lawn Boy

Disk 2
Set I(Cont'd):
1.  Fluffhead
2.  Curtain*
3.  Chalkdust

Disk 3
Set II:
1.  Rock & Roll->
2.  Theme From The Bottom->
3.  Dog Log->
4.  Mango Song->
5.  Free
6.  Contact
7.  Rocky Top

*  Old skool version including the 'With' ending
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39680e0b348c8f71b427e1819ea4ba46 *ph00-09-17d1t01.shn
883d5a855449b849d375cff49e93194a *ph00-09-17d1t02.shn
d5c166731cf77f9818d118611e84477f *ph00-09-17d1t03.shn
562c6884a18e6720aa3d811b0ba35915 *ph00-09-17d1t04.shn
492b50e69efc132df90f58447e039fd3 *ph00-09-17d1t05.shn
1cdbe95252a9456faf37bc9545b8b2f4 *ph00-09-17d1t06.shn
9da1e5e633c59cbd2401c699ee388951 *ph00-09-17d2t01.shn
f3523fa80a2c272f0094b1079cefba09 *ph00-09-17d2t02.shn
71853c9e9646e00803c647ff507e3dcd *ph00-09-17d2t03.shn
d56f8753f1ad2ac10fe2313ecc7f4360 *ph00-09-17d3t01.shn
a565fe3f377709510e04b92a6e670331 *ph00-09-17d3t02.shn
14aad2dd24b0cd883c2680ef3a8dc489 *ph00-09-17d3t03.shn
19919fe2f668d9afd5aac29fd5bdebe5 *ph00-09-17d3t04.shn
63999af8b38c4d23235a95f54f5db55e *ph00-09-17d3t05.shn
44babfb272df7e24e63dea55bee6e707 *ph00-09-17d3t06.shn
d98e31878cce717bb3fda256794e28ca *ph00-09-17d3t07.shn
f9bdf9b1b1fdf59beda0057bec3170ce *ph00-09-17d1t04.wav
fbb7ef12cb92c45001c0a4cc6e406005 *ph00-09-17d1t02.wav
0fc8218e157ef93b880b8315bda2159b *ph00-09-17d1t03.wav
297f6a2b6df535ed18a301a33994ade6 *ph00-09-17d1t06.wav
bdf6f9fe97842f464f0aed0b2fdd7d86 *ph00-09-17d1t05.wav
2aeb62ff8dd8245d90a38b4ff7402f18 *ph00-09-17d1t01.wav
2e57bdba95c4a77eebd09e7e96679fd9 *ph00-09-17d2t03.wav
1f045d7d024296e190ece10e88a2f6de *ph00-09-17d2t02.wav
d8c5701a1725c23a49c5154b97f49452 *ph00-09-17d2t01.wav
e8ccd7b88e79e0515212fe742f4903fe *ph00-09-17d3t05.wav
0095e63e9385fd6e679f0a6cb649196e *ph00-09-17d3t03.wav
a49529f64cdafe20ec3b38c68ce9d394 *ph00-09-17d3t04.wav
eee6f91853cb824c933973e96357315c *ph00-09-17d3t02.wav
867e3b3016e9f8f64d355574b04b81a4 *ph00-09-17d3t06.wav
7c303e38158d22958d1f16f39ad964ee *ph00-09-17d3t07.wav
03b03cefc14fdb6f86635d1c898f22b8 *ph00-09-17d3t01.wav

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