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String Cheese Incident 12/08/03
Fox Theatre, Redwood City, CA
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Entered by Daniel Shay
Checksums flac16
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Rode NT4 > Sony D100; Transfer: Sony D100 > Digidesign MBox > Pro Tools 6 > AIFF > Peak 4 > xACT > flac16 
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String Cheese Incident
Almost Winter Tour
Fox Theatre
Redwood City, CA  USA
08 December 2003

source: Rode NT4 > Sony TCD-D100
lineage: Sony TCD-D100 > Digidesign MBox > Pro Tools 6 > AIFF > Peak 4 >  
         xACT > FLAC

taped and transferred by: [email protected]

notes: audio transferred at 24-bit/48kHz; reconverted to 16-bit/48kHz using
       POW-r dither. I decided not to edit out some of the pre-concert
       comments made by the band since the messages were of some
       significance. First, they wanted to get the message out for the
       food/toy drive and second, because the band was playing their 10th
       anniversary show. Otherwise, just fast forward a bit and enjoy!

Disc One
Set I:
01. Texas > How Mountain Girls Can Love
02. Round the Wheel
03. County Road Blues
04. Good Times Around the Bend
05. Wake Up
06. BAM!

Disc Two
Set II:
01. Valley of the Jig
02. Jellyfish > Rollover
03. Blackberry Blossom > Riders on the Storm > Eleanor Rigby Jam > All Blues

Disc Three
Set II continued:
01. Outside Inside > Black Clouds

02. Across the Universe
03. Got What He Wanted
04. I Wish

Concert notes:
guest saxophonist Martin Fierro on Jellyfish, Blackberry Blossom, Riders on the Storm, Eleanor Rigby Jam and All Blues. Nershi and Kyle only on Across the Universe. Across the Universe (Beatles cover) and Riders on the Storm (Doors cover) played for the first time tonight.

concert notes and setlist info:
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sci2003-12-08d1t01.flac: b3f5d888e967a6cc2e91c7bf36bcc0fe
sci2003-12-08d1t02.flac: e9dfae6539ef6bc5a2cfd35e2e8023a8
sci2003-12-08d1t03.flac: 9a530a856c664f02ee2b7516b377c922
sci2003-12-08d1t04.flac: 6f23e480c6d63fe3ab602842612e127e
sci2003-12-08d1t05.flac: 1ea08ac8da5beaab19ea8de88444c480
sci2003-12-08d1t06.flac: 60686c75f2c7e90106a074fdc0c9da9c
sci2003-12-08d2t01.flac: 774b20ab5677fc3a18dc7a460b1e99fd
sci2003-12-08d2t02.flac: 835226b5c95538e4591c2b95dcc5349b
sci2003-12-08d2t03.flac: 4ee29865d626adebac20433083b594ba
sci2003-12-08d3t01.flac: eaa93b28453932115d38dce7d8c81d0b
sci2003-12-08d3t02.flac: f9c9c89e6082f77f974dca47af9f0a00
sci2003-12-08d3t03.flac: 305b8b4c63771fa94a1f3870c00fb77c
sci2003-12-08d3t04.flac: 110a170193a675cfe67a5e3d7d9d105b

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