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Garcia 07/21/73
Lion's Share, San Anselmo, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Old & in the Way: SBD (unknown lineage) From Bluegrassbox ftp. 
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Old And In The Way

SAT 07/21/73a
The Lion Share - San Anselmo, CA  

Recordings: SBD (unknown lineage)

01 - I Thought I Heard Someone Calling
02 - On And On (1)
03 - Lonesome Fiddle Blues
04 - Land Of The Navajo
05 - Going To The Races
06 - Land Of The Navajo (1)
07 - Cedar Hill
08 - High Lonesome Sound
09 - Hobo Song
10 - Wild Horses
11 - Lonesome L.A. Cowboy
12 - Pig In A Pen (2)
13 - Kissimee Kid
14 - Kissimee Kid
15 - Midnight Moonlight

Comments: This was a rehearsal session in a back room
at The Lion Share. (1) contains one false start. (2)
contains many false starts. Hobo Song is after Midnight
Moonlight on some tapes.
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09c67c64a6462f4a45a234a08582ee26 *oaitw1973-07-21t01.shn
88630eee099e363b66d220ca1539d0b5 *oaitw1973-07-21t02.shn
bb701dba2e71f1cc6bbb575867b9b3c9 *oaitw1973-07-21t03.shn
8dd2726142ed2c1dfd72bc67bcb687f6 *oaitw1973-07-21t04.shn
22daf3efc91faf3b3f0523979c0cc0c0 *oaitw1973-07-21t05.shn
accfde38be56234bc243aa24bc7af73c *oaitw1973-07-21t06.shn
e76a2dc0d242f3ef9b34e77fd2f2fee3 *oaitw1973-07-21t07.shn
1fbe28b67dbce06c161228a86d7780d7 *oaitw1973-07-21t08.shn
ea06abd7bc5c77c62c90d3b0b2627704 *oaitw1973-07-21t09.shn
af91ee2e6353654e2079c96874ec950f *oaitw1973-07-21t10.shn
fd47caa2be98ba895c01abce0eca7c21 *oaitw1973-07-21t11.shn
87018ddd2b194ffb85d76068a35e5696 *oaitw1973-07-21t12.shn
9f62e34737fdb5e60897aa61e74b4200 *oaitw1973-07-21t13.shn
1f1da3b77083b095249620be05b22941 *oaitw1973-07-21t14.shn
5c11ef9f59a64b3a032480a6b4d8fb16 *oaitw1973-07-21t15.shn

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