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Derek Trucks Band 02/02/00
The Tralfamadore Café, Buffalo, NY
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Entered by Rus K
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Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Neumann KM140s> MP-2> DA-P1 (no other source info) 
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Derek Trucks Band
The Tralfamadore Cafe
Buffalo, NY

Source: Neumann KM140s > MP-2 > DA-P1 (no other source info)

Disc 1:
1. Intros
2. Elvin
3. 555-Lake
4. D Minor Blues
5. Preachin' Blues
6. Out of the Madness
7. Look-Ka-Py-Py
8. Ain't That Lovin' You
9. Chicken
10. Forty-Four

Disc 2:
1. Alright
2. Rastaman Chant
3. Egg 15
4. Travelin' South
5. E: Everything Is Everything
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flac fingerprint
bc094ba756eec6adf2f1dbebf8f6bffd *dtb2000-02-02d1t01.flac
bb7487f030cf061f6585ea1527cd952b *dtb2000-02-02d1t02.flac
8057768fe1b4bd21db527f3c1f725556 *dtb2000-02-02d1t03.flac
a8632646939ca261b85f9ef4240ec25b *dtb2000-02-02d1t04.flac
7abe9ca50536ca4cdd5475b2fae7cce5 *dtb2000-02-02d1t05.flac
ed1f666992b7ed4c925631fd1caf77a1 *dtb2000-02-02d1t06.flac
1f53736e52e981635875923e07933297 *dtb2000-02-02d1t07.flac
f07ad990e28f2c926ee68239820d06fe *dtb2000-02-02d1t08.flac
8ce98c1b0a6433dddc927b966b4cba7a *dtb2000-02-02d1t09.flac
5fe55331094ad933b4154653a03e48a2 *dtb2000-02-02d1t10.flac
0b10024f09116d921cc8e494f43f410c *dtb2000-02-02d2t01.flac
cb5bb5b44b20f61c7fce77c1bec5aa9d *dtb2000-02-02d2t02.flac
20370c7a83dd94895973861ba1eb6622 *dtb2000-02-02d2t03.flac
108730a7a137f29e64e853866b3c794d *dtb2000-02-02d2t04.flac
ecbc4fa3267d5d8697eab5dfad8dae16 *dtb2000-02-02d2t05.flac

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