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Derek Trucks Band 02/01/00
Milestones, Rochester, NY
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Entered by Rus K
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Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary SBD> Sony D7 (no other source info) 
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Derek Trucks Band
Rochester, NY

Source: SBD > Sony D7 (no other source info)

Disc 1: Set I
1. Preachin' Blues
2. Naima
3. Ain't That Lovin' You
4. Young Funk
5. Schoolgirl
6. Afro Blue
7. Yield Not >
8.  Lovelight

Disc 2: Set II
1. Rastaman Chant
2. Alright
3. Bock To Bock
4. Forty-Four
5. Chicken
6. 555-Lake
7. Otto
8. Travelin' South
9. E: Cissy Strut > Lively Up Yourself
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flac fingerprint
35f06310e963744b6eda1246f76ecaf6 *dtb2000-02-01d1t01.flac
dcb6e9a315f9c78f49be9b0a05e5e694 *dtb2000-02-01d1t02.flac
e9b0b75005297401e51d546ccf40d2fa *dtb2000-02-01d1t03.flac
13758d23d71bb1f759aefda2d0e437dd *dtb2000-02-01d1t04.flac
312dd2d8e08ba2cb6400b59b75268ea0 *dtb2000-02-01d1t05.flac
ad2121e8b8c43898fbffefd59f4c38ae *dtb2000-02-01d1t06.flac
7137c129ffc9e23fe64d68d0269887c4 *dtb2000-02-01d1t07.flac
e4a6f93f10bd4bd29071ae78b73545de *dtb2000-02-01d1t08.flac
7f5fe97b67ad5042b5e4fd12e3e7e604 *dtb2000-02-01d2t01.flac
22dab7ef63edee3377d0fb01ec1ea5ce *dtb2000-02-01d2t02.flac
f0f8a785d4ecea2f818cfb82b83d2e97 *dtb2000-02-01d2t03.flac
514d297f514992af461ac801de6cbb5f *dtb2000-02-01d2t04.flac
d7cfae4af6b205b15d4a99d2628e42cd *dtb2000-02-01d2t05.flac
a4504fb0c4271c10f18569ecb60aeeae *dtb2000-02-01d2t06.flac
1480dbbb595296d4ecdb5a10585b8d3f *dtb2000-02-01d2t07.flac
a5c1ded6c48164c8ebf725f8a9f6b63a *dtb2000-02-01d2t08.flac
4f05ebfdf2d1c12b51ef3504efd78e5a *dtb2000-02-01d2t09.flac

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