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Derek Trucks Band 07/12/00
Tralfamadore Cafe, Buffalo, NY
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Entered by Rus K
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Derek Trucks Band
The Tralf
Buffalo, NY

Source: SBD > Flac (no other source info)

Disc 1:
1. Naima
2. Preachin' Blues
3. Bock To Bock
4. Everything Is Everything >
5. Too High
6. Travelin' South
7. Chicken
8. The Ghetto
9. Rastaman Chant

Disc 2:
1. Yield Not To Temptation
2. Rico on Keys
3. E: Evil Clown> Space is the Place
4. Susans Fun/Voodoo Woman*

*w/ Susan Tedeschi

Nice instrumental--Too High
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flac fingerprint
588a51cbddf83032d532f4328b2a14a1 *dtb2000-07-12d1t01.flac
f9c9b397ba2e1021fd4113fc2f0494f4 *dtb2000-07-12d1t02.flac
269ebe538ec18c522d18108a21507f81 *dtb2000-07-12d1t03.flac
ba77d9b41359cc6c549a0c45bd7125e8 *dtb2000-07-12d1t04.flac
dee7f8e968773d6e79ad720c348d8617 *dtb2000-07-12d1t05.flac
99d7148b9cb89e1db81628d9bb472add *dtb2000-07-12d1t06.flac
b5b0ff59266c4c70eeb7d661f3504e6d *dtb2000-07-12d1t07.flac
cea2bd93134cd545d1031caa3076f116 *dtb2000-07-12d1t08.flac
40d57fa9571ffb3f468ae74101f0ecf4 *dtb2000-07-12d1t09.flac
c6c0d5ad5885d097a389a388f6b39c96 *dtb2000-07-12d2t01.flac
eb674839c290d0b85c8aa3bec0d2d817 *dtb2000-07-12d2t02.flac
e767cf5dba464d6958cfa15ad9f7669f *dtb2000-07-12d2t03.flac
c823dccc5aae6ece0e5d31728624500a *dtb2000-07-12d2t04.flac

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