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Garcia 11/29/87
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band. Source: AUD(unknown mics and taper)>?>C>DAT>WAV>SHN. Cassette>DAT via J.Powell. DAT>SHN via C.Ladner.  
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Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, CA  

Source:  AUD(unknown mics and taper)>?>C>DAT>WAV>SHN

01  crowd  [00:48]
02  Bright Morning Stars  [02:01]
03  Blue Yodel No. 9 (Standing On The Corner)  [06:21]
04  Ballad Of Casey Jones  [06:58]
05  Turtle Dove  [05:10]
06  Long Long Way  [04:15]
07  Oh The Wind And Rain  [04:04]
08  band introduction  [00:51]
09  The Girl At The Crossroads Bar  [02:45]
10  Ripple  [04:43]
11  Ragged But Right  [04:30]
Total time:  42:29

Comments:  Unlineaged multianalog gen scarecely circulated recording.

Cassette deck (Nakamichi DR-2)>DAT (Tascam DA-30 Mk II) transfer via Jim Powell.
DAT(Sony PCM-R500)>coaxial>Audiophile 2496>P4 2.0 GHz>Soundforge 6.0>tracking (CDWave editor)>sector boundaries confirmed (shntool)>SHN(mkwact) via Chris Ladner.
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99bd8222e1305ea2ff815a348a8b4090 *jgab87-11-29_t01.shn
32b0026047cebfe2d4a2cd9508cae8dc *jgab87-11-29_t02.shn
3f3d7453a4f305c168502099ed6b592b *jgab87-11-29_t03.shn
fa0da5a696c4bde505d02cd8e8a72c0b *jgab87-11-29_t04.shn
36228583dc851f1246492144efd62e1f *jgab87-11-29_t05.shn
cc620069b9bc78060d179273efd498c0 *jgab87-11-29_t06.shn
1bf9134a93c8e1237fdf5980c2f9aa6c *jgab87-11-29_t07.shn
ad7a70d11a29df11ad2b69a256b09644 *jgab87-11-29_t08.shn
f854d15f5f0b8bafeed24d6491b590ae *jgab87-11-29_t09.shn
0a2eaa566e7be58958886e16fd62d1a5 *jgab87-11-29_t10.shn
e9cb7a6a8635115215e58d0948ff7a59 *jgab87-11-29_t11.shn

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