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Garcia 02/26/82
Keystone, Berkeley, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: MSC -> DAT -> CDRs -> Track Thief -> SHN; Transfer by: D. Metz 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Berkeley, CA

MSC -> DAT -> CDRs -> Track Thief -> SHN

Set 1
Disc 1:

1.  How Sweet It Is
2.  After Midnight
3.  Valerie
4.  Second That Emotion//
Set 2
5.  Harder They Come

Disc 2:

1.  Don't Let Go
2.  Russian Lullaby//
3.  Knockin' On Heaven's Door
4.  Tangled Up In Blue

CDR -> Track Thief v.2 -> Pro Tools LE 5.0.1 -> SHN

Notes:  There are some level changes/adjustments that happen during Tangled Up In Blue

Jerry Garcia Band:
Jerry Garcia (Guitar, Vocals)
John Kahn (Bass)
Melvin Seals (Keyboards)
Jimmy Warren (Keyboards)
Essra Mowhawk (Vocals)
Liz Stires (Vocals)
Bill Kreutzmann (Drums)

Thanks to Mark Ramler for the seed discs.

Transfer by:  D. Metz
[email protected]
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