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Phish 09/25/00
Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary FOB MBHO603A w/ KA200N cardiods (15th row center) > Sound Devices MP2 pre > Sony SBM1 > DAT; Sony M1 > Sonic Sense digi-cable > Dio MAudio 2448 at 48K > SF 4.5 (resample, add fades) > CDWav > SHN 
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09/25/2000 Sandstone Amphitheatre - Bonner Springs, Kansas

Set I
Disc 1:
01: Crowd
02: Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
03: Down with Disease
04: Lizards
05: Tweezer
06: Back on The Train
07: Water in the Sky
08: Bug

Disc 2:
01: Julius
Set II:
02: Gotta Jibboo
03: Mike's Song >
04: I Am Hydrogen >
05: Weekapaug Groove
06: Axilla
07: Harry Hood
08: Funky Bitch

Disc 3:
01: Crowd
02: Boogie On Reggae Woman
03: Driver
04: Tweezer Reprise

MBHO603A w/ KA200N cardiods (FOB, 15th row center) --> Sound Devices MP2 pre --> Sony SBM1 -->DAT

Sony M1 > Sonic Sense digi-cable > Dio MAudio 2448 at 48K >
SF 4.5 (resample, add fades) > CD WAV > SHN

By Bill Gardner [email protected]
This source sounds pretty good.  It could have a tad more high end, but I'll let you all
add that as desired.  Enjoy!

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57c18a33d327271bf2d3c29de6aa9a2c *ph00-09-25d1t08.shn
5460b58ec29d0227121a19937120f666 *ph00-09-25d1t02.shn
5d2b15a52e69daa379e88dc4705e5328 *ph00-09-25d1t03.shn
170d27ac7f497b53a9f73156db861cf8 *ph00-09-25d1t04.shn
0c2228598cc3e392d56ac7539f3462e8 *ph00-09-25d1t05.shn
442b533de505d32d4e06b737de4db791 *ph00-09-25d1t06.shn
06e204a3a1da313dda8673ae21a4408a *ph00-09-25d1t07.shn
93b897c5f9e97fb500a852a93e17055b *ph00-09-25d1t01.shn
a56a67a238d418699a057743e5569fc4 *ph00-09-25d2t08.shn
8230d57efe4a8427dac1762368f7049d *ph00-09-25d2t02.shn
4651e7ca2c5534212b50c01934da51cd *ph00-09-25d2t03.shn
a0103864dddc94a346a839c29946ca41 *ph00-09-25d2t04.shn
dab4ce57e80a1a8ed119505b7a9f9681 *ph00-09-25d2t05.shn
240fd74a8a4ee85114c19e256fa6fb59 *ph00-09-25d2t06.shn
7b3d7d90e3a83b9be02a4e6f487a2dfa *ph00-09-25d2t07.shn
bdf24ff83a932484ec841c6bcef1a604 *ph00-09-25d2t01.shn
35993f8d8664babf423e01828581fc16 *ph00-09-25d3t04.shn
0cb3231c566e49731ae54e4cc9353101 *ph00-09-25d3t02.shn
dc0a92413b5c859540cc66fa14f6c50e *ph00-09-25d3t03.shn
34ca25aa597c1e18906e8ecab9412821 *ph00-09-25d3t01.shn
8c6c26efebdefc392af77aeb8c187453 [shntool] ph00-09-25d1t01.shn
c9826be7bc5306550c3b55ebde07f233 [shntool] ph00-09-25d1t02.shn
54801ab202f58f40c771119af4a2fb4e [shntool] ph00-09-25d1t03.shn
941d16a0380b27448735b8499371131f [shntool] ph00-09-25d1t04.shn
469dd98ee857647acf88ec37267b5f46 [shntool] ph00-09-25d1t05.shn
4d34dce9b41a526235c62f4c452ee695 [shntool] ph00-09-25d1t06.shn
ac8f985f44aacf8f1f314285097aebe1 [shntool] ph00-09-25d1t07.shn
706c7d8115e83f01ac7a2cd83293f8b4 [shntool] ph00-09-25d1t08.shn
7721cffb914cef69f426be5a3d5bbc7a [shntool] ph00-09-25d2t01.shn
96c44739334d64c75af534ab45dd2d99 [shntool] ph00-09-25d2t02.shn
ff96ab0e2e1c48382f00144cd825025a [shntool] ph00-09-25d2t03.shn
faf69d269d5291cc883b5e5b7070c77e [shntool] ph00-09-25d2t04.shn
33025d4220e42cc01e5da235abe47cc0 [shntool] ph00-09-25d2t05.shn
c3044e4137724141a3860183a6b65233 [shntool] ph00-09-25d2t06.shn
c8b43122f1c33ba4c156b2c0c0e5fb58 [shntool] ph00-09-25d2t07.shn
5a850be54391e18c76b0058ed391a579 [shntool] ph00-09-25d2t08.shn
27856d30102a311bdca0dd7c1abecb52 [shntool] ph00-09-25d3t01.shn
1ff667892f50e514da26d326e80d8efb [shntool] ph00-09-25d3t02.shn
26298e0a5fa79e35d9357e3144f99fe0 [shntool] ph00-09-25d3t03.shn
252be2e884d59fcfc3b8e7ff7b32bdf2 [shntool] ph00-09-25d3t04.shn

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Neumann KM143 > V2 > SBM-1;... (2) shnf or... (2) flac16; Neumann... (0)
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