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String Cheese Incident 04/13/99
Higher Ground, Burlington, VT
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Source # 2347 Other Sources
Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Neumann TLM 103 > HHb Radius 10 > Apogee AD-8000 > Tascam DA-30 
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String Cheese Incident
Higher Ground, Winooski, VT

source:Neumann TLM 103*>HHb Radius 10>Apogee AD-8000>Tascam DA-30
*Suspended from ceiling; 6' spread, 15' from stacks

Disc 1
Set 1
1. Little Hands>
2. Rolling in my Sweet Baby's Arms
3. Suntan
4. California Rain
5. Pirates
6. Jellyfish>

Disc 2
1. Birdland
Set 2
2. Roll Over>
3. Jam-->
4. Dudley's Kitchen
5. Gone So Long
6. Sand Dollar

Disc 3
1. Born on the Wrong Planet>
2. Texas>
3. Restless Wind
4. Barstool
5. Mouna Bowa
6. Hey Pocky Way
Show Checksums
46d17faaa6d3f5d394f6730ded7481de *sci99-04-13d1t1.shn
09181d872a3924225f383b9591b9b52f *sci99-04-13d1t4.shn
bb77cee2237b79e419947674e8db2cc2 *sci99-04-13d1t5.shn
5cce21534eab77bd23cd91e8bc462102 *sci99-04-13d1t6.shn
9202d8261b36335e56b5da15eeb93cdc *sci99-04-13d1t2.shn
130022d6f4eab1d3a1a9d7bad1296b42 *sci99-04-13d1t3.shn
0b3fb35eb31a29e9321befdb26a20f54 *sci99-04-13d2t1.shn
83ab1452b45ccdcb56a0266a29ba73dc *sci99-04-13d2t2.shn
8a0292afcd23eb69ab67181de3fee0cb *sci99-04-13d2t3.shn
f30e20c3bdd9e69cf8b8957d1193c7ec *sci99-04-13d2t4.shn
5026895ab545d95dd753003ee2c7d175 *sci99-04-13d2t5.shn
3d15c21faee7b6f8df74c537750b04fe *sci99-04-13d2t6.shn
fbc5e7a0d8496018e4cb07c75c8c67ed *sci99-04-13d3t4.shn
b61a575ce9b958e12d48df4f22cfc709 *sci99-04-13d3t5.shn
c00d642e422eb4a2ee52d8c629f604d0 *sci99-04-13d3t2.shn
7b07bf55757a7bc2327cf5800922e2e2 *sci99-04-13d3t1.shn
3cd7ce84b2df340ee5afab9aec641261 *sci99-04-13d3t3.shn
6e5698f305a6a8c7085b4636e94acc26 *sci99-04-13d3t6.shn

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