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Phish 04/17/04
Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Source Summary FOB DPA 4060 > Oade mod. Sony SBM-1 @48kHz > Sony TCD-D8; Sony TCD-D8 > MAudio AD2496 > WAV (48>44.1kHz) > FLAC 
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Thomas and Mack Center (Las Vegas, NV)
April 17, 2004

Field: [FOB - HRTF] 2x DPA 4060 (Core-Sound HEBs - powered by Core-Sound switchable batt. box) >  Sony SBM-1 (line-in) @ 48 KHz [Oade line stage mod] > Sony TCD-D8 (via 7 pin) > 2x TDK Pro 120 DAT tape

Transfer: Sony TCD-D8 (field deck) > Oade 7pin (passive) > Monster Interlink IDL100 (1m) > maudio ap2496 > WAV > Resample/Dither (48 > 44.1 kHz) > FLAC

-- Set 1 --

   1. Soul Shakedown Party
   2. Halley's Comet >>
   3. Tweezer
   4. Ginseng Sullivan
   5. Horn
   6. Sample in a Jar
   7. Piper >>
   8. Frankenstein >>
   9. David Bowie

-- Set 2 --

   1. Meatstick
   2. Pebbles and Marbles >>
   3. Prince Caspian >>
   4. Simple >>
   5. Friday
   6. Ghost
   7. You Enjoy Myself >>
   8. Tweezer (reprise) - "Step into the Meatstick!"

-- encore --

   1. Wolfman's Brother
   2. The Squirming Coil

the band:
Trey Anastasio (guitars, vocals)
Mike Gordon (bass, vocals)
Page McConnell (keyboards, vocals)
John Fishman (drums, vocals)


First of all, a major "thank you" to Doug, James, Ben, and everybody else @ Oade Brothers Audio for doing the work on the SBM-1, and for sending it out to me in the nick of time. You guys are the best!

I have never seen the band take requests, but...

During the set break tonight, there were a number of folks in the audience doing the "Meatstick" dance. Not only do the band open the second set with the tune, they tease it in YEM, and in the Tweezer reprise. It truly is "the Meatstick Set."

Once again, the Glo-Sticks were out, and I have to say that they looked pretty cool when showered over the audience... During parts of "Piper," the audience threw thousands of these things into the air, creating a neon, rain-like effect. Actually, there was stuff floating around above the floor all night long: beach balls, balloons, blow-up alien dolls, a blow-up sex doll (aptly named "Funky Bitch"), the aforementioned Glo-Sticks, and Lord knows what else. At several times during the show, I am blindsided by these objects, resulting in audible scrapes, smacks, etc. in the recording. You will also hear a whistling wind from time to time - this is from the blow-up dolls, that were losing air, as they pass overhead. Also, someone behind me apparently was keen on popping balloons - don't let it startle you...

Initially, I thought that Friday night's was the superior show (I was unable to tape Thursday). After listening to these tapes, I am not so sure. This is a very good show, with an awesome second set! The first set is strong, too, with "David Bowie" and a rippin' "Tweezer." Enjoy.

visit for more information about the band, and for streaming radio and official downloads

++ taped, transferred, tracked, FLAC'd and seeded (via Bit Torrent) by macdaddy (April 24, 2004)
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