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Derek Trucks Band 02/10/99
Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY
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Entered by Rus K
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Source Summary Schoeps M222/MK-4> Apogee> Sony SBM-1> DAT; Panasonic Sv-3700> coax> Audiophile 2496 USB> Sound Forge 6.0> CD Wave> MKWact> SHN 
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The Derek Trucks Band
February 10, 1999
The Wetlands
New York, NY

Source:  Schoeps M222/MK-4> Apogee> Sony SBM-1> DAT @44.1kHz

Transfer:  Panasonic Sv-3700> coax> Audiophile 2496 USB> Sound Forge 6.0(record, fades)>
CD Wave(tracks)> MKWact> SHN(seekable)

-fades applied to beginning and end of show only


01.  Otto  [5:07]
02.  Preachin' Blues  [4:17]
03.  Bock To Bock  [5:22]
04.  555 Lake (1)  [6:54]
05.  Tutu (2)  [11:34]
06.  Alright  [2:37]
07.  Rastaman Chant  [5:02]
08.  Ain't That Lovin' You  [4:37]
09.  Amazing Grace> Egg 15 (3)  [16:25]  

(1)w/ Jimmy Herring on guitar
(2)w/ Oteil burbridge on bass and Jimmy Herring
(3)w/ Kofi Burbridge on flute

Opened for Frogwings
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02be8a5579899cf5000decf9b2c41a57 *dtb1999-02-10t03.shn
e4c9cd9caac457894db6da050e7777a2 *dtb1999-02-10t04.shn
76c2918c2fceb8747aaed793f498c87d *dtb1999-02-10t05.shn
ac0749d7502d531986dcc713192113d5 *dtb1999-02-10t06.shn
151ab678f586a8ae311af5a4d2a74f7f *dtb1999-02-10t07.shn
e42713ab062c3d04d6bcd7802116ad67 *dtb1999-02-10t08.shn
fb968b6f026b40af4946e70dc6dee75e *dtb1999-02-10t09.shn

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