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String Cheese Incident 11/27/99
Vic Theater, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary SBD > DAT > CD > .shn 
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The String Cheese Incident
The Vic Theatre, Chicago IL
November 27, 1999

Source: SBD->DAT->CD->.shn

I: Born On The Wrong Planet, Little Hands> Rhum 'n' Zouc,
Good Times, *Blue Bossa, Joyful Sound> Texas

II: *#Sunnu> *#Trance, Water, Sand Dollar, Restless Wind>
Jellyfish> Roll Over
Encore: Mtn Girls, Jessica
(*with Matt Spencer on percussion)
(#1st time played)

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ab74736c9ede77586893e931b026386a *sci991127d1t3.shn
baebc7ba406438a25cfc1caad2c148e9 *sci991127d1t4.shn
164fa2eed7c7a05ef30ceca24b6de469 *sci991127d1t5.shn
3b85e09d69de2fd40bc94635ddd0c634 *sci991127d1t6.shn
33769de5cfbb0ec2dbfac0ca9a19b7a8 *sci991127d1t7.shn
9b38f1a01a09ce3dc4f1515266364d14 *sci991127d1t2.shn
2549a5f345acecb513e5783081f78700 *sci991127d1t1.shn

d7e460e88306bda5912f26f7dce10e6e *sci991127d2t4.shn
3955229c184864d503c8b4e97db468c2 *sci991127d2t1.shn
ffd2012512cf0e867add66734d179b00 *sci991127d2t5.shn
135d65231b5a6a04e353185dac4d1e2d *sci991127d2t6.shn
817de4a7327c00c07b167fa6eccf208b *sci991127d2t3.shn
275a69db7ca74b5857da850eea8df6ea *sci991127d2t2.shn

a95666425db0ed7657c6561a3f6f0b95 *sci991127d3t3.shn
321ab3eb1f5b6dfd7d8b8e7466b92947 *sci991127d3t4.shn
95a6ab78577d9243f45add01e67186c2 *sci991127d3t5.shn
cd49aa4ffdd9debd36e0c1f2481018b8 *sci991127d3t6.shn
ca2bf01950c5bfbe9d81e0636e8d91df *sci991127d3t2.shn
9421284026e8b865cf4d43c85fb6e537 *sci991127d3t1.shn

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