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Derek Trucks Band 06/06/04
Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY
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Entered by Rus K
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary AKG 1000s (card)> Audiomagic-x/stream> V3> M1; DA20miKK> Soundforge 6.0> WAV> mkwACT> shn (Taped/Trnsfrd by Steven Gatto) 
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Derek Trucks Band
June 6, 2004
Stephen Talkhouse
Amagansett, N.Y.

Source: AKG 1000s (card)> Audiomagic-x/stream> V3 (48/16)> M1
Lineage: DA20miKK> Soundforge 6.0> WAV> mkwACT> shn
Taped by Steven Gatto
Transferred by Steve Gatto

Disc 1
1. Volunteered Slavery
2. Like Anyone Else
3. Gonna Move
4. Kam-Ma-Lay
5. Lonely Avenger
6. Goin' Down Slow
7. Pedro
8. Intros

Disc 2
1. Kickin' Back
2. Soul Serenade
3. Forty-Four
4. Leavin' Trunk
5. Rastaman Chant
6. For My Brother
7. Crowd
8. Yield Not to Temptation
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98be04b65b2a5123899c1aedd7fab973 *dtb2004-06-06-d2t8.shn
b2682963f4190452b5b94826d9eaa195 *dtb2004-06-06-d1t01.shn
e24f5b223be25f232139d640bfdcd9f5 *dtb2004-06-06-d1t2.shn
5b8519536e52f962e281d57dd6e7d2cf *dtb2004-06-06-d1t3.shn
25f8b62c3c74ff2827de8d5dd9b438f3 *dtb2004-06-06-d1t4.shn
5ec3ed815d291df33a53b43c5ed6c868 *dtb2004-06-06-d1t5.shn
8eadc0a242a76af44ca1e6e5e2ba718b *dtb2004-06-06-d1t6.shn
b8fae5392285114e090f6d260508d6d3 *dtb2004-06-06-d1t7.shn
1b5f70d96648b3af66c82ff05a66f3ae *dtb2004-06-06-d1t8.shn
4c3e2e291d0981619b9659e961bd311f *dtb2004-06-06-d2t01.shn
aa113eaa232926dec2d9f07f372df05a *dtb2004-06-06-d2t2.shn
deb9ba84e9af3509d1059a8559565327 *dtb2004-06-06-d2t3.shn
44fd8801f6c356b63329cfaee08455de *dtb2004-06-06-d2t4.shn
4ac6ea09fcaa6b4e02984b33c75e4632 *dtb2004-06-06-d2t5.shn
f1c942a326bd4ceb892aa1e1be3c256f *dtb2004-06-06-d2t6.shn
bad766ad8d67acb33238238fce9ed131 *dtb2004-06-06-d2t7.shn

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