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Garcia 10/08/68
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Disc 1 only; optimal composite source free of diginoise. SBD MR>2R>D>CD; via Jens Tilsner and Hanno Bunjes 
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Mickey & The Hartbeats
October 8, 1968
San Francisco - The Matrix

*** This seed includes only disc 1. The other discs were left untouched.
*** is the optimal seed for discs 2 & 3 (for now...)

This seed fixes the problems with disc 1 of the previous seeds.
Marcello Gasperini's DAT tape -supplied by Jens Tilsner- was used as the primary source. supplied patches to a few problems on the Gasperini DAT.

For what it's worth, the Gasperini DAT seems to be a different transfer from one and the same reel source.
There is a reel stop/start that is not present on #17691.

Thanks to the contributors, and enjoy the result!

CD 1 (74:12)
01 [05:29] Clementine Jam ("... amplifier isn't working now ...")
02 [13:35] Clementine Jam >
03 [09:21] The Eleven Jam >
04 [11:04] Death Don't Have No Mercy  
05 [17:25] The Seven  
06 [12:54] Dark Star Jam >
07 [04:21] Cosmic Charlie

Hanno Bunjes
September 2004
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ef6cb4f5a7523dded28ca90ff5176d5b *gd68-10-08d1t01.flac
510b06dbc4625bab4918fadf89d8551c *gd68-10-08d1t02.flac
1c1f3e733fb6d73bb2a014524794d6db *gd68-10-08d1t03.flac
4e82b5a4209882c39e43629b70cd676d *gd68-10-08d1t04.flac
f60680047129b3814577b823152b316d *gd68-10-08d1t05.flac
0cefd7d0bb81a4e0fde8e3ea31a2e733 *gd68-10-08d1t06.flac
22229e028c597549f2ac95ddceda3539 *gd68-10-08d1t07.flac

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