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Wilco 09/15/04
Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Earthworks SR77 > Lunatec V2 > D100 
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September 15, 2004
The Fox Theater
St. Louis, MO

Taper: Joe Shambro ([email protected])

Source: Earthworks SR77 > Lunatec V2 > D100

Orchestra pit, front row very hard left,
mics a/b at stack.

Conversion: D100 > S/PDIF > Digidesign Digi002-r > Protools 6.0 >
Peak 3.2 (trackbreaks) > FLAC frontend


Disc 01:

01: Intro
02: Muzzle of Bees
03: Company in My Back
04: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
05: A Shot in the Arm
06: Hummingbird
07: Hell is Chrome
08: Handshake Drugs
09: A Magazine Called Sunset
10: War on War
11: Jesus, Etc.
12: At Least That's What You Said
13: Pot Kettle Black

Disc 02:

01: Theologians ->
02: I'm the Man Who Loves You
03: Poor Places ->
04: Spiders (Kidsmoke)

Encore 1:
05: The Late Greats
06: Casino Queen
07: Kingpin
08: I'm A Wheel

Encore 2:
09: Christ For President
10: Be Not So Fearful
11: New Madrid
12: The Lonely 1

- The option was at my seats, 6th row dead center in the pit, with no just monitors and
some small Bose front-fills, or further back at FOH in the boomiest room on earth, so I did
some negotiation with security and they allowed me to set up immediately in front of a small
repeater stack on the hard left side of the pit.  Anyone who's been to the Fox knows why this
was a good choice, although I'm sure the couple of centered tapes I saw rolling won't be too
bad, as there's a pretty nice sweet spot (that's still a little boomy) halfway back.  As such,
I was very close to the stack, and had the gain on the V2 as low as it could go with the HPF
active.  There's some distortion that was present in the actual mix (not sure if it was intentional,
or just overdriving of the sidefill to try to make up for the boomy room).

- During the last half of the show the V2 low battery light was flashing, so out of paranoia
for losing battery power, I switched the V2 off during the encore breaks.  Since it didn't really
save you any disc space, I left the drop-outs in place.  There's also a dropout in crowd noise
about an hour and a half into the show as I replaced the D100 batteries.  No song material lost,
just crowd noise, if this is a problem, I don't know what to say to you. :)

Compiled 9/16/2004
Show Checksums
wilco2004-09-15d1t04.flac: 3b98eccf7755085556b21844e956e426
wilco2004-09-15d2t08.flac: 3a28c82627ec5450c4fb684ef25e33a4
wilco2004-09-15d2t04.flac: d93381a1cc4458a232a55c744be374c6
wilco2004-09-15d1t07.flac: 0ee585dcbf01ccb3980d4b6989fae7ea
wilco2004-09-15d1t08.flac: fe836aaeff3ea7cff7a7485e31a96e4d
wilco2004-09-15d1t10.flac: 59ef0e30c01a9ac9f430ad69a2650fdc
wilco2004-09-15d2t11.flac: 2d4801c0132a8dea87f74d78ec948722
wilco2004-09-15d2t07.flac: 4a21864dfa3ae61bfbfc79e5fa762f30
wilco2004-09-15d2t09.flac: 97c563de8b2900c856e9ef47a7f9e724
wilco2004-09-15d1t13.flac: 2f3c1bcf8e55ccd320e7b36f1a6bcfb1
wilco2004-09-15d1t11.flac: 007afa54c569199df2cda3530392f45d
wilco2004-09-15d2t01.flac: bf399293e499e68988104860654b174b
wilco2004-09-15d2t12.flac: dbe32c08da702d57e639b0b6e8ee9872
wilco2004-09-15d1t06.flac: d158de956dee25f8923ea1c5deae5e6c
wilco2004-09-15d1t09.flac: 464f99a6e831149fbec19d20eb65892d
wilco2004-09-15d1t05.flac: 6bddedbea10b618b3dd3dc11c4a4f75d
wilco2004-09-15d1t03.flac: 8b8c7400ef173a661327615dd21509de
wilco2004-09-15d2t02.flac: 6236ac8a1ebc040a10c184fb3772fcf6
wilco2004-09-15d2t03.flac: 4b5adff5c5995c9717763dd3e832511e
wilco2004-09-15d2t06.flac: c32e5c48db69693ef420ad5658e896e6
wilco2004-09-15d1t12.flac: 9cea4be1b7fe992d88a624ba385ec655
wilco2004-09-15d2t05.flac: dfc3f9d3488eab8ea01f206d8ee94c71
wilco2004-09-15d2t10.flac: 39fa62b289d5f9b95787df0ea7c5d0d7
wilco2004-09-15d1t01.flac: 4c33638457b3bebd18cdd8884a11ea61
wilco2004-09-15d1t02.flac: 45484ac13d6f1f17fd4f65b3a2917f3c

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