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Wilco 09/18/04
Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary mbho 603a/ka200n > sound devices mp2 > modSBM (48k) > d8 
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September 18, 2004
Stubb's BBQ
Austin TX

source:  mbho 603a/ka200n > sound devices mp2 > modSBM (48k) > d8
transfer:  archive python > dat2wav > sf 4.5 (tracking, downsampling) > shntool > flac

props to stan, amy, chris, philip, darkmeevish, and black francis.

i'd like to put it on record that i sacrificed seeing the pixies in order to catch this show.  was it worth it?  yes!  nels cline is the man!
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2354b3d4d7c72967fa83e7dbe3c3623e *d1t01.flac
1f7037c086a01cf240bc38ecc278d18a *d1t02.flac
e2441a5f638b22a3ec7585ba76f57c6f *d1t03.flac
c03b6b6e01a58d121046a135996ea932 *d1t04.flac
a5c94dea9cc87b1cad0dcd8823a49978 *d1t05.flac
be7577546b4698178224b870e6e57f25 *d1t06.flac
eadfb9372ba81f6bd9bac031d6c1a0fe *d1t07.flac
01db98f88c53a3304986ce93c9fbddec *d1t08.flac
41580492ecfd5303a5afcf58a7118fe7 *d1t09.flac
c08c2440946f88d1f85044121cf9a597 *d1t10.flac
99297bea053f448920f1968580793d30 *d1t11.flac
d0afb438fd763ece802f537051ae01f5 *d1t12.flac
dabe21237aa11be132256ee5e90264b4 *d1t13.flac
048270ff9b25f399034fe51e68093e8b *d2t01.flac
7e1f19fba36590375838589d9142055f *d2t02.flac
e2d5a7f48c4544a4425388cd954aca4c *d2t03.flac
b98cd4837d2cca2f99d5dc039e8a3016 *d2t04.flac
041778de88326e415f495c35f73ebc39 *d2t05.flac
95740a836682fdc69899579b29f36dfc *d2t06.flac
02350313e0d3c625917785aea6b14f1a *d2t07.flac
717a3947abe4a68457745b6aca6772a1 *d2t08.flac
97468308d244b787d19dc718d341dd19 *wilco_040918_stubbs_mbho.txt

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