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Wilco 09/19/04
Zilker Park - SBC Stage, Austin, TX
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1
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Source Summary Launch SBD Webcast > Soundforge 6.0 > WAV > CDWAVE Editor (tracking) > SHN 
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Austin City Limits - SBC Stage
Austin, TX

Source: Launch SBD Webcast > Soundforge 6.0 > WAV > CDWAVE Editor (tracking) > SHN

01 Hummingbird (beg. cut) [3.14]
02 Handshake Drugs [6.02]
03 At Least That's What You Said [5.39]
04 I Am Trying To Break Your Heart [5.45]
05 A Shot In The Arm [4.59]
06 Muzzle Of Bees [4.50]
07 Jesus, Etc. [4.04]
08 The Late Greats [3.21]
09 Kingpin [5.12]
10 I'm The Man Who Loves You * [4.13]
11 Theologians > [3.08]
12 Poor Places (cut) [1.34]

Total Time: 52.01
Total Size: 354 MB

* Featuring Calexico's Horn Section
-The Webcast started late so the first few seconds of "Hummingbird" are missing
-There was a 2 sec. cut during "A Shot In The Arm" - I cut out the silence and merged the 2 WAV files using CD Merge.
-Poor Places is cut because the webcast ended before the actual show ended.

Recorded, Converted, and Seeded By Seth Beatty
Show Checksums
f0a6718d02acca382fffc57bee57e3e8 *wilco2004-09-1901.shn
8f1f7de7b56153ea49bc6dc7fc0b04aa *wilco2004-09-1902.shn
45bf9a8799c14e475811f1b8264ccd43 *wilco2004-09-1903.shn
35c073f65fcacbaf0a0aa0d2c4997d33 *wilco2004-09-1904.shn
26393d19e49af951e5ce9930c7710c78 *wilco2004-09-1905.shn
d8b3f022ca11e008610a8e33bac09ca7 *wilco2004-09-1906.shn
f41a5fa19a04a9b39a9f54339c38c222 *wilco2004-09-1907.shn
01a9546a541931ec35cd2147d5e7db6b *wilco2004-09-1908.shn
4696ea850f088d4c606b0b40463473ae *wilco2004-09-1909.shn
131c03d0b197d926a72f0b4fd7c288ef *wilco2004-09-1910.shn
1a9cc2ffe59b21d71df5d389fd1fa475 *wilco2004-09-1911.shn
39c4ba60497b0d76a626deaa335a11ab *wilco2004-09-1912.shn

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