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Derek Trucks Band 09/17/04
Park West, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Rus K
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Shure KSM32's> USBPre> Powerbook G4 @ 16/44.1; Tracked out in Spark XL 2.02> WAV> SHN (Taped/Trnsfrd by Joe Perona) 
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Derek Trucks Band
Park West
Chicago, IL

Source:  Shure KSM32's (75Hz rolloff, ORTF, 6 feet left of center)> USBPre> Powerbook G4 @ 16/44.1 (via Peak)
Transfer: Tracked out in Spark XL 2.02> WAV> SHN

Recorded & uploaded by Joe Perona

Disc 1:
1)  Kam-Ma-Lay
2)  Preachin' Blues
3)  Joyful Noise
4)  Sahib Teri Bandi / Maki Madni
5)  Lonely Avenger
6)  Life is Crazy
7)  Feel So Bad

Disc 2:
1)  Angola
2)  Gonna Move
3)  Home in Your Heart
4)  Freddie's Dead
5)  Rastaman Chant
6)  Volunteered Slavery
7)  Soul Stew
8)  Everything Is Everything

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f0ed4fd0845c3026a914798271fb21c1 *dtb2004-09-17d2t8.shn
53ee1707ad2e76c4073720e95d538cfd *dtb2004-09-17d2t7.shn
a05351e0a6eca70f1ea1b2bce4aa4241 *dtb2004-09-17d2t6.shn
87c5a31edebadb5db2eef9b265e2d11b *dtb2004-09-17d2t5.shn
306a87b774b16075fca444d644059319 *dtb2004-09-17d2t4.shn
a607632dc82e5e7de66d3aedf557da45 *dtb2004-09-17d2t3.shn
a8e083e5e3f80d416300bf60148bfa42 *dtb2004-09-17d2t2.shn
7ab02abac9f0e91b6137e738e3d15a58 *dtb2004-09-17d2t1.shn
ad764a8dfa506d436016f4ae893f3b02 *dtb2004-09-17d1t7.shn
97e19bc5e6a67a6da3394346e2128a65 *dtb2004-09-17d1t6.shn
81b2d2610db0ce5c46c34cf58971b827 *dtb2004-09-17d1t5.shn
4b8d10090f1ed170716808d7cf6c40d2 *dtb2004-09-17d1t4.shn
2cafec04f6678b5ab58e6312d0226918 *dtb2004-09-17d1t3.shn
286b4718a1d7006a743e12e664e67a20 *dtb2004-09-17d1t2.shn
8cbdb7c5693dec14d9c0f610297ff4ef *dtb2004-09-17d1t1.shn

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