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Garcia 10/08/68
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary Hartbeats; some diginoise (see info file); via Stephen Agan to abgd; 2/01 to etree 
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BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE The Matrix
CITY San Francisco
DATE 10/08/68
SET1 Clementine Jam ; Clementine Jam > The Eleven Jam > Death Don't Have
No Mercy ; The Seven ; Dark Star Jam > Cosmic Charlie
SET2 Next Time You See Me Jam ; Jam ; The Other One > Jam
SET3 (1) Jam ; Jam ; Jam ; Prisoner Blues ; Jam (2)
COMMENTS show billed as "Mickey and the Heartbeats".  Bobby and Pigpen
were absent.
        (1) all of third set with Elvin Bishop.
        (2) Jack Casady, Hart, and Bishop only.
        Deadbase IX lists > Caution > Jam tacked onto the end of set II,
with the last Jam with Jack Casady.

Caveat Downloader!  This show is not 100% clean.  As of this writing no d/n
free DAT copy was known to exist.  There are several spots of d/n in the
first two tracks of disc 1 (Clementine Jam (s)).  They range from mild to pretty
annoying.  The rest of the show seems clean.  This show was originally
supposed to be included in the Family Tree Batch #12, but was pulled because
of the d/n.  Fortunately I received my copy before it was decided to pull it.

Despite the 'defects' there is still some wonderful primal music here that
deserves to be heard.  If a noise free copy should surface, I'll be the first
in line to get it.

That being said, Enjoy the show!  

It fits on three discs, one per set.

ripped, compressed and posted to abgd.highspeed by Skank Leap Day 2000.

Show Checksums
971e71a6c9cc8e437fce403d0fafdec6 *gd681008d1t01.shn
854558267c5382e318dd9199a004118a *gd681008d1t02.shn
a8e1fd9f78f7d384185063a68bc1c0d6 *gd681008d1t03.shn
83b02086eb078ae6f35b550b6b9aa889 *gd681008d1t04.shn
714b74fa0161ca2ffaec9f9dff424903 *gd681008d1t05.shn
4de3569051da26076e56fe2464860897 *gd681008d1t06.shn
db8b87d5eb12e3f2566d425f812c8b45 *gd681008d1t07.shn
8d0bdeb437dd95ee060744ae249b5734 *gd681008d2t01.shn
81748dd982b3912226212323ceeb08d2 *gd681008d2t02.shn
a4387dbd3da34dca606f7f1f2f7b4409 *gd681008d2t03.shn
12286b570d840b93ab8c2c38f3aa9a39 *gd681008d2t04.shn
a819158ccafa686fca3e0c4edcc1fa01 *gd681008d3t01.shn
6a48282459f0eea9c41554ef4b0242f5 *gd681008d3t02.shn
54c3010f33cb2ba53c5e14f4e2e37c52 *gd681008d3t03.shn
e039587362f9601a626fddc205801f31 *gd681008d3t04.shn
59581d78901ffccfc3bb61fff6dccd00 *gd681008d3t05.shn

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Date User Comment
05/15/2003 ecocats i have another source w/ clean clementine jams!!! if interested, please contact me to discuss this. catnip for everyone!!!