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Garcia 12/27/70
KPPC Studios, Pasadena, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary "Sunday Quartet" (Garcia, Weir, Nelson, Dawson): pre-FM master reels > cassette > digital. See info text for extensive notes. 
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Sunday December 27, 1970 2pm-4pm
KPPC-FM 106.7 Pasadena, California
Disc Jockey Ted Alvy (Cosmos Topper)
Interviews members of The Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir and members of
The New Riders of the Purple Sage
David Nelson & Marmaduke (John Dawson)
[NRPS demo "Louisiana Lady"]
[They All Perform Four Gospel Songs Live]

The source info, according to Ted:  The Museum of TV & Radio in NYC dubbed his original reel-to-reel tape and a friend converted it to CDR.

Or, in more detailed fashion:

museum of tv & radio in nyc dubbed the original reel
to reel on to cassette for their listening archives
(museum of tv & radio in beverly hills also gets

a friend converted it to cdr also from the original
reel to reel (lost touch with him and never knew how
he converted analog to digital)

i recorded it at the kppc-fm 106.7 radio studio (at 99
south chester in pasadena, california near cal tech)
during the live broadcast on a scully tape deck (at
7.5 ips on quarter inch two track stereo 1.5 mil
acetate scotch audio tape); when the nrps song
louisiana lady was played on the scully tape deck in
the radio studio during the interview, the scotch
audio tape was moved to a similar scully tape deck in
the kppc-fm production studio down the hall to
continue taping the live broadcast; music played from
lps on turntables was scoped by stopping the tape
during the broadcast to make sure that the entire
interview would fit on our only blank tape available
at the time on a sunday afternoon.

peace, ted  

Ted's e-mail is [email protected]
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