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Phil Lesh & Friends 12/17/04
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Source: 3 Nak CM 300's - 2 CP 4's (Shotguns) 1 CP3 (Super Omni) arranged in an X-Y pattern direct to dat using a Tascam Porta 1 mixing board / mic preamp Recorded and Seeded to abgd by Rob R (ArtCube) 
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Phil & Friends 12/17/04
The Warfield
San Francisco, CA

Source: 3 Nak CM 300's - 2 CP 4's (Shotguns) 1 CP3 ( Super Omni ) arranged
in an X-Y pattern

Disk 1
The Times They Are A Changin'
Cosmic Charlie
Everybody Wants Somebody To Love
Lay It All On Me
Next Time You See Me
High Time

Set 2 Disk 2
Shakedown Street
Viola Lee Blues
Wharf Rat
The Wicked Messenger
What's Become Of The Baby

Cd 3
Drifting Too Far From The Shore
Hard To Handle
The Other One
Fire On The Mountain
Donor Rap/Band Intros
A Piece For You
Reuben & Cherise

Show Checksums
03bd32de81a3713e9be169d19f429103 *pl04-12-17D1T08.shn
6b3078f65916f3c6bdb02496fe679b20 *pl04-12-17D1T02.shn
185d5ee91d127aebdaf046c143441512 *pl04-12-17D1T03.shn
7553a2c31231a53098155c7785cea834 *pl04-12-17D1T04.shn
02aa5d45ea2b0d0290356caabd9b0b00 *pl04-12-17D1T05.shn
12a238bc0d50f2d77f3480c170573592 *pl04-12-17D1T06.shn
fd4b79047781aebad57dfe625187e698 *pl04-12-17D1T07.shn
95a0e2b296d0ac9317c5725bb9fbad3e *pl04-12-17D1T01.shn
cbc4cea8d849680fcc59f1bfe0159b9c *pl04-12-17D2T06.shn
b0e7072e7f3d0a2a13c91a71f664f255 *pl04-12-17D2T02.shn
8bc930fa3ed4e888f187ad7fa1acbe97 *pl04-12-17D2T03.shn
989c8bcb60a928848f0f9fa9baa95cd3 *pl04-12-17D2T04.shn
28d7392de5c599d5fae9af6f99a2e548 *pl04-12-17D2T05.shn
e33c17235ba398103d6e6afd952f4383 *pl04-12-17D2T01.shn
b239f7ec2b409ad67d74515218d616dc *pl04-12-17D3T08.shn
41282b336708440ee833236807e23ef7 *pl04-12-17D3T02.shn
038a9555abf0aa1d01dddc10999d336e *pl04-12-17D3T03.shn
61e557343bee825ce530e2fdaaec96d4 *pl04-12-17D3T04.shn
736738682724bfd2d289ce0640d44e07 *pl04-12-17D3T05.shn
0c4ddcb51b29ed6babc1eb759aa44ebe *pl04-12-17D3T06.shn
7d4dc2b577c2f4191a0bb501015e748a *pl04-12-17D3T07.shn
35bb35500b75bb011d5d7e1728a6bef9 *pl04-12-17D3T01.shn
8078a3249fa6264eb18df6f6c07a3199 *pl04-12-17D1T01.flac
68c000a36e673b2f241f058b2805cb9a *pl04-12-17D1T02.flac
d8f3ad5dfe9c9207d5fa116a54a11def *pl04-12-17D1T03.flac
b073f6fe272a5cf01a0c59a5d93d7fee *pl04-12-17D1T04.flac
527637c64a3787e401a5bceae63292a4 *pl04-12-17D1T05.flac
9a0e3c9653b3a7206ab519494db962b1 *pl04-12-17D1T06.flac
ac067fb4a458a3cdc1e582a9ff94b29c *pl04-12-17D1T07.flac
527cde7a04290ce0bd38bf7fa4dfad16 *pl04-12-17D1T08.flac
68a16568c82c6dce77181f4fe5fe6311 *pl04-12-17D2T01.flac
988b81b5becf933796929d0a88f6ad3f *pl04-12-17D2T02.flac
cb5e5fe3364ffdf04740d116280cf0ab *pl04-12-17D2T03.flac
3c2b5479aed4d1da66690642eef95bb6 *pl04-12-17D2T04.flac
54d3404b06cbd119eed93309fab6e267 *pl04-12-17D2T05.flac
01dd6157817a0014dedf94b0029d2f3b *pl04-12-17D2T06.flac
725f5c13c7d2a3c15c2e7c539679249b *pl04-12-17D3T01.flac
7a2940c1bbdbe563b73daa6a38f262e8 *pl04-12-17D3T02.flac
494ec2e7620e1af4eb95b9192afcf3ee *pl04-12-17D3T03.flac
ccc282b1c3b3f14ac7b6f9e3559ebd6c *pl04-12-17D3T04.flac
114fc73d3e968ab7d86fa7a9e7a37794 *pl04-12-17D3T05.flac
ae3f2ae90b342bde01b08cd9c5b57586 *pl04-12-17D3T06.flac
55fb205bf80e8ebffb3d767b5fef28f3 *pl04-12-17D3T07.flac
2d0e180f310f18985aa4c4747a54ec1f *pl04-12-17D3T08.flac

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