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Phil Lesh & Friends 12/17/04
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary SBD + AUD (Schoeps) Matrix Mix (50%-SBD/50%-AUD) via Dan 
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Phil Lesh & Friends
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA
December 17, 2004

SBD + AUD Matrix Mix (50%-SBD/50%-AUD)

Disc 1 - set 1

01 [03:09] The Times They Are A Changin'
02 [10:54] Cosmic Charlie
03 [08:35] Althea
04 [07:42] Everybody Wants Somebody To Love
05 [06:14] Lay It All On Me
06 [08:28] Next Time You See Me
07 [06:25] High Time >
08 [09:31] Sugaree
TT [60:57]

Disc 2 - set 2

01 [10:12] Shakedown Street >
02 [07:31] Candyman >
03 [09:45] Viola Lee Blues >
04 [05:07] The Seven >
05 [02:37] Viola Lee Blues
06 [13:31] Wharf Rat >
07 [06:34] Wicked Messenger >
08 [16:32] What's Become Of The Baby >
TT [71:49]

Disc 3 - set 2 (con't)

01 [05:08] Drifting Too Far From The Shore >
02 [15:45] Caution >
03 [08:58] Hard To Handle >
04 [05:42] The Other One >
05 [08:43] Fire On The Mtn
06 [06:37] Donor Rap/Band Intros
07 [05:42] Little Piece For You
08 [07:28] Reuben & Cherise
TT [64:01]


Source Info

SBD > ? > Wave > FLAC (DSBD)

Schoeps Mk4v > KC-Y active cables > CMC6 amplifier bodies >
Lunatec V2 preamp > Benchmark Audio AD2K+  (24 bit / 48Hz) >
Digigram VX Pocket > Toshiba 3440CT / Vegas > .wav  > SF 6.0
(bit depth conversion and resampling) > wave > FLAC
Recorded and mastered by Larry Narachi


Tech Notes

FLACs were decoded to wave and SF 6.0 was used to reassemble
the tracks back to 1 long wave.  CEP2.0 was used to align &
synch both of the sources.  This is a 50% SBD, 50% AUD mix.
- Mixed by [email protected]
- SHN conversion 08-JAN-2005
- Artwork by [email protected] 300dpi - For best results
print at the highest resolution onto glossy photo paper.
Design for use with a clear slim double jewel case.


Band info

Phil Lesh (bass, vocals)
John Molo (drums)
Jimmy Herring (electric guitar, acoustic guitar)
Chris Robinson (vocals, harp)
Barry Sless (guitar, pedal steel)
Steve Molitz (keyboards)
Gloria Jones (vocals)
Jackie LaBranch (vocals)
Tim Carbone (violin)
John Skehan (mandolin)
Dave Ellis (tenor sax)
Kevin (trumpet)
Marty (trombone)



I reduced levels on the AUD -2db. In my experience louder rear
channels is an undiserable effect.

d1t1 I raised the levels 5db on the DSBD.  I did a 5 second step
down for a smooth transition to the original levels for the
remainder of the show.

d1t7 0:02.007 seconds of silence btwn "high Time" and "Sugaree"
on the SBD.  This was removed.  Nothing was missing as compared
to the AUD.  Strange.

1:16:57.366 to 1:16:57.918 (d2t6) a fade in/out on the AUD for
the d2 to d3 transition was patched with 0:00.551 of the SBD.
This is most likely undetectible.

Disc 2 and 3 can be assembled seamlessly on longer media.

Both the SBD and the AUD had missing crowd cheer btwn the last
song and the encore.  I tried to make this transistions as
smooth as possible.  This is most likely undetectible.

Show Checksums
1595450f4c098a7d49ae2a0419781572 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t01.shn
f8a3237997db77054aa737a17d2e446f *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t02.shn
5db5ccc0e95fec83c11cdda9b48df8d0 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t03.shn
cd483189013dd8905aa5b189713ecd52 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t04.shn
072a253c4b06c2bedaf95ecfecab5819 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t05.shn
396a534347e56f243548a35a025c1920 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t06.shn
67c57450e02662505d997b66f81955a6 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t07.shn
c4f2733ec6c67162c430016818053caa *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t08.shn
0e3696993ea13ff51e3c0ba9a8275a00 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t01.shn
2a59ae4f418b962649efe02560891832 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t02.shn
e0da93e9e8876146df2e440d5cca885d *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t03.shn
7f8236eec5f4739f961d4ba0f71035dc *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t04.shn
f7c0f5f1406a705486ca797edfda2c5d *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t05.shn
154893dc5c615fb478550bd00f78d9cf *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t06.shn
c2018f9ad51429b34cd879f5bea1acd7 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t07.shn
d48b04455166acd36d0e67d2a51f24f3 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t08.shn
cef4a8617cdc7e2a7c175b79b124b6c9 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t01.shn
058f5f1e4d4ec0ae7fd1b2e648c0d7e5 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t02.shn
36e55a7a91792972a3711d13937c4667 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t03.shn
79dadad7cc648c7cb989aab60580a884 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t04.shn
0ee302141d5f9607514860e15ebd033a *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t05.shn
a05acf8135c050711bb280d695f71ada *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t06.shn
cda6e900c67e3641087c884ee6ce6859 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t07.shn
6af8f8f695ff28735fd98f3521f91f7f *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t08.shn
4b68b410fc1f29e1acd1580efd285992 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t01.flac
44af4dd397df16495cb532e4cc268690 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t02.flac
0a586ef34c1bed384f8f1d9ecf5de193 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t03.flac
70dced7d96554d3b5f64b16d9c200c2a *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t04.flac
9c384bca2e1c01ad15fa818769204e1a *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t05.flac
55ae0daf4540ee730cb1713f55ea8e90 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t06.flac
78a76e13e6b49cfe308b76d801094326 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t07.flac
cbc933a1bb5cc7b0797bb3771d9d90c8 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d1t08.flac
649c6ee748cbcd29cb8bcea838aaa3f3 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t01.flac
fa91cc53ff3a080fa93281f4ed8cc2d2 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t02.flac
6adb8fed46cbd9f41cc92c847b449f78 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t03.flac
57ef3c3dd41a4a67182de0119a867b04 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t04.flac
98ff77309cc3e80b1ce78da2f34d4649 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t05.flac
6628b06a52fb95f1f68062bfef0c2c58 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t06.flac
0c0a482e14826e44757fb951ff7b9526 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t07.flac
e918b0e1e68817a7d0229c5d82a40f00 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d2t08.flac
9b3a6300a6588bbd473eb86aa610adf6 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t01.flac
710631c8d25c1da69af7e3029ab490ff *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t02.flac
f89fa8f05d70d1e204d5540cdf4eaa48 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t03.flac
2107f6838e7dd045273dd4766b847981 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t04.flac
548f54718f4896137e8a7c6fa6b24607 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t05.flac
93ae2dbd5137bff4cd261f113bce47e0 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t06.flac
749856b8008341d8a3cf0048694eeb9b *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t07.flac
85c5dcf27a9eaf24c55fa3362f4a3090 *phil2004-12-17-mtx-d3t08.flac

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