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Phil Lesh & Friends 12/18/04
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Bertha Remaster of the DSBD SBD>>DAT>>CDA>>FLAC>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA/SHN 
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Phil & Friends  12-18-2004 (Discs: CDA-3/SHN-2)
Warfield Theater  San Francisco CA

Bertha Remaster of the DSBD source

SBD>>DAT>>CDA>>FLAC>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA/SHN - Sound A


d1t01-Just Another Whistle Stop >>
d1t04-Lonesome Valley
d1t05-40 Days >>
d1t06-No More Do I >>
d1t07-It Hurts Me Too >>
d1t08-Casey Jones


d2t01-This Wheel's On Fire >>
d2t02-Black Peter >>
d2t03-Wiser Time >>
d2t04-Dark Star >>
d2t06-Imagine >>
d2t07-Death Don't Have No Mercy >>
d3t01-Eclipse >>
d3t02-Terrapin Jam > Lady With A Fan > Terrapin Station >>
d3t03-All Along The Watchtower >>
d3t04-China Doll >>
d3t05-I Know You Rider


d3t06-Donor Rap/Band Intros
d3t07-Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad >>
d3t08-Knockin' On Heavens Door

The band:

Phil Lesh (bass, vocals)
John Molo (drums)
Jimmy Herring (electric guitar, acoustic guitar)
Chris Robinson (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Barry Sless (guitar, pedal steel)
Steve Molitz (keyboards)
Gloria Jones (vocals), Jackie LaBranch (vocals)
Tim Carbone (violin)
John Skehan (mandolin)


Digitally remastered using a custom built, Dual-DAW, nicknamed Bertha, by [email protected].  Completed on January 8, 2004.

This source is another of the narrow stereo/dry/flat boards that results from recording the house mix.  However, it is a little better than 12/17 and allowed for a cleaner overall sound.

The disc 2 to disc 3 fade was removed and the disc 2 to disc 3 change was moved to between Death Don't Have No Mercy and Eclipse.

Be Aware! Bertha Remasters are recorded to be played flat.

From the original text file, prior to Bertha Remastering:

(From Phil Lesh 12.31.04)

Hi folks;

The recent Warfield shows were such a compelling experience for me that I?d like to share them with you. To that end, we?re releasing the soundboards of all three shows for free download with the invaluable help of our friends at and all the mirror sites.

Get a costume ready (I have mine) for the festivities at our upcoming Mardi Gras show on February 12, 2005.

Happy New Year!

- Phil
CDs mastered by Wizard
Show Checksums
034ce83df2853aa3b79e6156045850af *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t01.shn
22d4e8a883e592395ef82bb64fe3ec20 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t02.shn
cf3e3a921cf10af738c7cc9239f5c0db *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t03.shn
73e78f6705103078648c2fccd45ce25e *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t04.shn
c6888baa36f22a025473cd59f8bcf34b *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t05.shn
31d88d130a84f63fac6fa0726523cd72 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t06.shn
94d3d82b99997f1b4afe6976b918da61 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t07.shn
3da31983abe0783549f56e6f1c023f3d *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t08.shn
963dc85fc1fd9e8d57312af8067dbdeb *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t01.shn
ea534600122d11483aacf99dc2b0a1d0 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t02.shn
2e72e323c64515ffe0db5d682c58bade *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t03.shn
f06cf4d301113f5a16396aa61f0fd0d1 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t04.shn
a0cd0e29b35313e8a658f54f5dc1c949 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t05.shn
e70fd630e44745153afd472e389f69f2 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t06.shn
e26b7977aaa76908cd47a6694a67bf92 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t07.shn
dcc34b90e66d040bb793d712a347db7f *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t01.shn
6c37b30f9e3d05f87da5a9d3fcadceee *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t02.shn
26a556eac9ac7dd7956f5c4c3a2cc1fc *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t03.shn
2a1d7c51f9c5b99fa14b565cc7d4f915 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t04.shn
7cf486ac9f10e1401db2fcc6562530d4 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t05.shn
2d34a85b07ad371087410fa910ffa561 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t06.shn
c29d1da6d8da0c974d614d79c61fb7f6 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t07.shn
ea3c8ac1d9752fb914fc901bf52637dd *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t08.shn
0686e800463137b72c7a251618a3716e *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t01.flac
4620af0aeff252d24aa931049e071614 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t02.flac
e9006eb59edf4d68c6e216412478adc0 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t03.flac
31cb3dc951aded360e639538499735c5 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t04.flac
752fa96c42d03383d1ca9ca3d42a5d63 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t05.flac
cf29663111c70589482d71758e7b60af *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t06.flac
56bf4bbe5dd8deac48c403cf0920877b *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t07.flac
9a738b07e01b06832b8a04a0d5f50d4a *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d1t08.flac
20b861530c36f357827b6baa2c7ff0bf *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t01.flac
1e4077421da4dd59b1343d180dda899a *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t02.flac
d76837679d59f4900291c83628a6be07 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t03.flac
072f741ad9dcb6d7c2a460b9d2c31939 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t04.flac
6e6e75cd6d6b8f9280f55441568e9162 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t05.flac
6d342f8189753ace9543b5c7371a1429 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t06.flac
29cffb4269f479745002f406124c21da *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d2t07.flac
1f43672bc72e2f93e4654af2cf4f3b83 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t01.flac
2ba9d16133c1d4197b4d910481e94120 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t02.flac
be364f4f26fdeb8f28e429728249cce7 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t03.flac
e4746f48fc246e65bf6bd0589b99973c *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t04.flac
f95262c074c435c4757559426ae0935c *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t05.flac
458e56ada33f116be3a84080e4b4abe5 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t06.flac
0b45ae31d6eadb863ad9d8fd315c37c8 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t07.flac
363f646cddfc6510fc3accec68bccea5 *pf04-12-18(Bertha)d3t08.flac

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