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Phil Lesh & Friends 12/19/04
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Bertha Remaster of the DSBD SBD>>DAT>>CDA>>FLAC>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA/SHN 
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Phil & Friends  12-19-2004 (Discs: CDA-3/SHN-2)
Warfield Theater  San Francisco CA

Bertha Remaster of the DSBD source

SBD>>DAT>>CDA>>FLAC>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA/SHN - Sound A


d1t01-He's Gone >>
d1t02-Box Of Rain
d1t03-Like A Tumbleweed In Eden >>
d1t04-Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion
d1t05-Row Jimmy
d1t06-The Dolphins >>
d1t07-The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion)
d1t08-Unbroken Chain


d2t02-Help On The Way> Slipknot! >>
d2t03-Eyes Of The World >>
d2t04-Saint Stephen >>
d2t05-The Eleven >>
d2t06-Turn On Your Lovelight >>
d3t01-Dark Star (v2) >>
d3t03-Comes A Time >>
d3t04-Happy Birthday
d3t05-Franklin's Tower >>
d3t06-Not Fade Away
d3t07-Donor Rap / Intros


d3t08-The Wheel >>
d3t09-And We Bid You Goodnight

The band:

Phil Lesh (bass, vocals)
John Molo (drums)
Jimmy Herring (electric guitar, acoustic guitar)
Chris Robinson (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Barry Sless (guitar, pedal steel)
Steve Molitz (keyboars)
Gloria Jones (vocals), Jackie LaBranch (vocals)
Tim Carbone (violin)
John Skehan (mandolin)
Dave Ellis (tenor sax), Kevin (trumpet), Marty (trombone) from 1st row balcony


Digitally remastered using a custom built, Dual-DAW, nicknamed Bertha, by j[email protected].  Completed on January 11, 2005.

Audio compression was found to be applied to the original source.  The results of the audio compression can be seen in wav analysis after rejoining the tracks.  Audio compression was also found in 12/17 and 12/18, as well.

Unfortunately, the bass is much lower in the mix than the previous two nights, especially The low end bass (<70hz) which is nearly non existant in the mix.  Only a small amount of adjustment was possible to keep the bass from becoming boomy.

From the original text file, prior to Bertha Remastering:

(From Phil Lesh 12.31.04)

Hi folks;

The recent Warfield shows were such a compelling experience for me that I?d like to share them with you. To that end, we?re releasing the soundboards of all three shows for free download with the invaluable help of our friends at and all the mirror sites.

Get a costume ready (I have mine) for the festivities at our upcoming Mardi Gras show on February 12, 2005.

Happy New Year!

- Phil
CDs mastered by Wizard
Show Checksums
77d06027e2a1cc2171cc311b422f565c *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t01.shn
bf3ba29b7be48bcc6cdac48ab914e346 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t02.shn
d000749256c8afc113945911c80b78f5 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t03.shn
49f7bd9390b5d68d69ae66eb0fcbd3b1 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t04.shn
b759c492846b7c0f9deb6ff58df5cd05 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t05.shn
53633248f07084c039dac842c2080231 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t06.shn
4148df6dadf068b42590d8dff3ec8a6a *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t07.shn
54d353fa5fcad7a6e84bf9836be08cfb *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t08.shn
799c80b37a9ccfcdc5a093a0fec9a524 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t01.shn
a7d60a57f6bc134b1892273f0251d9b0 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t02.shn
f42bd7c4a7f9395bb042a629ae2eda3f *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t03.shn
57556863210fe0d2b45aba9a0728b54e *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t04.shn
e30c6fac3757e69ab5b36b0213495904 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t05.shn
6eb7d0e25cf97abbdacfd7f4feee19e8 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t06.shn
d68ffa1570e8ead5eafdbb5873bcf93b *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t01.shn
bc08a7a8601c4a33a86e4a4384d23f0b *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t02.shn
56e3681a067bbb96fb2cb4ba42dd446b *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t03.shn
9d2e7295025e764c132c0c27b1b84768 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t04.shn
611f1cf92ead71d1f8b639a00bcca2f1 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t05.shn
af461e1de8883f2fe905e19a984a79c2 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t06.shn
5dcafbbbb38bd511cfe65a66a2cf1f78 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t07.shn
0b8ca20fc57d0f622fde5890271b483c *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t08.shn
1be0b54a02bf78412a1aeca310288fbd *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t09.shn
cd9559fff9dd64f67fe91721e1b25451 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t01.flac
a502f4e24ba1363104e2f8fa43d62204 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t02.flac
72ea71da5c6d989c73a442a09af1b556 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t03.flac
8afb1775288d9b67a38269248c43cda8 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t04.flac
2186b75cc1e481d59f86de96993e67bc *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t05.flac
3fd8e3b7ea33a4c26c1511df1abe7d7e *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t06.flac
2f0861698eba73423ffb8db8a536f032 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t07.flac
9e399016503d37d58b9685dbd2fcd37f *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d1t08.flac
359c6f940b2fe00cf7840ca87b8e2b95 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t01.flac
8a5cc470de8b10dfdb3bc332bfe42af9 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t02.flac
df1247110adbbc2a0e2e0fec7d214aaf *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t03.flac
097ef3b31b5246871f7fb657db86a854 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t04.flac
3a77e271670420c044caf6a23aa02305 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t05.flac
5e0f2fe61568b74bb87d576bf6df3722 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d2t06.flac
795571a9d54133861cdad98da048cdfb *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t01.flac
36bedd144cadf9b194749ab9aa74a787 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t02.flac
b07e8ca6d04383f92070a2890335fd20 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t03.flac
6bbbcd685424011f0a0981976dda1d3f *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t04.flac
077fda78d1a8d4433229ff7b3efa846b *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t05.flac
04d68d5a240b7d6831aee70a005acb66 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t06.flac
9f6bfcbefaafbcd893b9acb0e51ec6d7 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t07.flac
5e0e1a4b5b690f8cb36cfcc5ad5fa7bd *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t08.flac
9d18d2e234bb1c46cf47ea1ca1e69a18 *pf04-12-19(Bertha)d3t09.flac

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