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Derek Trucks Band 07/22/93
Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA
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Entered by Rus K
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Derek Trucks Band
Chameleon Club
Lancaster, PA

Source: SBD? > flac

The source for this show is unknown, but it sounds like it is probably a soundboard. The sound quality is very good.
Also, the setlist gives "Mystery Train" after "Pride and Joy" but it sounds like P&J is the last song in the show.
That is, unless "Mystery Train" is teased in the outro jam; I am unfamiliar with the song though and didn't want to confuse people.

DTB: Derek, Danny Roberts, Randy Scott, Derek Hess & Bobby Crawford

Disc 1/Set 1:
1.  Don't Keep Me Wondering
2.  I'm Ready
3.  Slide Slide Slide
4.  Ain't That Suffering
5.  I Don't Know Where
6.  The Way You Treated Me
7.  I Want To Be Loved
8.  No Money Down
9.  Statesboro Blues >
10. Amazing Grace > Jam > Layla jam > Done Somebody Wrong Jam

Disc 2/Set 2:
1.  Hear What I Said >
2.  Back To Georgia
3.  ??? > Travelin Riverside Blues
4.  Ain't Wastin Time No More
5.  Love Will
6.  Shake Your Money Maker *
7.  Mojo Boogie **
8.  NYC Blues
9.  One Way Out > (End Of) Whipping Post
10. E: Sleepwalk > Pride & Joy > Mystery Train

*w/ Mitch - Krypton City Blues Revue
**w/ Mitch & Dale - Krypton City Blues Revue
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flac md5s
bda4be42df36e9f128d1140861953ce3 *dtb1993-07-22d1t01.flac
2301df9cf138b19aa37010722e3e8bb3 *dtb1993-07-22d1t02.flac
275d2bc9128829c3cfeb18d8bf0d9964 *dtb1993-07-22d1t03.flac
3ed2ef1d786b07f45a7496f38398f09f *dtb1993-07-22d1t04.flac
8ceb1cbf37ace44e3d1ab6274f751a90 *dtb1993-07-22d1t05.flac
e6c8f6db3907045e16228a9591fcdb38 *dtb1993-07-22d1t06.flac
3bcb9891e33532aa0f09fe1185c8a231 *dtb1993-07-22d1t07.flac
f591e439c2d20dbfb303659a30e27919 *dtb1993-07-22d1t08.flac
8016d5f3b293d041896de0bf77113bb7 *dtb1993-07-22d1t09.flac
358d5bf350a4b039cc242c8e9b032c4e *dtb1993-07-22d1t10.flac
5b0ec52745ba192c282f027e0683920e *dtb1993-07-22d2t01.flac
28729dca10260d8b19ade6629afb853e *dtb1993-07-22d2t02.flac
aa799917b484f760160ec62e731e62aa *dtb1993-07-22d2t03.flac
2f17b38661714a502025d39b3d471775 *dtb1993-07-22d2t04.flac
7d9b3898aad959f1a6a41d3778ad8d82 *dtb1993-07-22d2t05.flac
1ac1fb019e55e2f9326e8bc7cea44ead *dtb1993-07-22d2t06.flac
22916fd253aab10330a6915471120e85 *dtb1993-07-22d2t07.flac
e93910075667ffe01a68e44401665c72 *dtb1993-07-22d2t08.flac
122c479d23bcbbb2ef91c7cbc9ed39c8 *dtb1993-07-22d2t09.flac
82df16ef68766f21a40cc07d01d88476 *dtb1993-07-22d2t10.flac

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