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Grateful Dead 05/15/70
Fillmore East (Late Show), New York, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums orig-shn-md5 , shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 4 / 7
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary New Master Reel transfer: SBD:10" 1/2 track Master Reels @ 7.5 ips>Revox A700 playback deck>Alesis Masterlink ML 9600>CD. No PCM generation in GD/NRPS sets. No analog gens in NRPS sets. Upgrade from previously circulating source. Seeded to etree 5/31/2005 by Chuck Reynolds and Seth Kaplan. 
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An Evening with the Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead and the
New Riders of the Purple Sage
5/15/70  Early and Late Shows
Fillmore East
New York, New York

Main Source:  SBD:10" 1/2 track Master Reels @ 7.5 ips>Revox A700 playback deck>Alesis Masterlink ML 9600>CD
Patch Source: SBD:10" 1/2 track Master Reel @ 7.5 ips>PCM>DAT>CD

Early Show

Disc 1: Acoustic Grateful Dead

01. Tuning **                                                                           [01:31]
02. Bill Graham Introduction                                                            [00:56]
03. Don't Ease Me In                                                                    [03:50]            
04. I Know You Rider                                               [09:12]
05. The Rub                                                         [06:20]
06. Friend Of The Devil                                                 [03:49]
07. Long Black Limousine                                                 [05:30]
08. Candyman/Equipment problems                                         [11:53]
09. Cumberland Blues *                                                 [05:34]
10. New Speedway Boogie *                                               [07:12]
11. Cold Jordan *                  [03:11]

Total Time:                                                       [59:04]

* For Cumberland Blues and New Speedway Boogie Garcia switches to electric guitar and the band is
joined by David Nelson on acoustic guitar.  For Cold Jordan, Nelson switches to mandolin, Garcia
goes back to acoustic guitar and Marmaduke joins in on vocals.

** Warning: high pitched mic feedback @ 0:59. Do not listen to at loud volumes with headphones?

Disc 2: New Riders Of The Purple Sage

01. Stage Preparations                                                           [09:38]
02. Bill Graham Introduction/Six Days On The Road                         [04:21]
03. Whatcha Gonna Do?                                                        [04:37]
04. I Don't Know You                                               [04:23]
05. Henry                                                                       [03:51]
06. Portland Woman                                                  [04:50]
07. Fair Chance To Know                                                      [05:03]
08. Last Lonely Eagle//                                               [02:01]

Total Time:                                                         [38:49]

Disc 3: Electric Grateful Dead

01. Tuning/Introduction                                                                 [01:53]
02. Casey Jones                                                                         [05:50]
03. Easy Wind                                                                           [08:48]
04. Attics Of My Life                                                                   [06:36]
05. St. Stephen>                                                                        [05:52]
06. Cryptical Envelopment>                                                              [01:56]
07. Drums>                                                                              [06:52]
08  The Other One>                                                                      [11:11]
09. Cryptical Reprise>                                                                  [04:22]
10. Cosmic Charlie                                                                      [09:59]
11. New Minglewood Blues                                                                [04:14]

Total Time:                                                                           [1:07:39]

Late Show

Disc 4: Acoustic Grateful Dead  

01. Ballad Of Casey Jones                                                 [03:03]
02. Silver Threads And Golden Needles                                        [03:50]
03. Black Peter                                                     [07:07]
04. Friend Of The Devil                                             [05:54]
05. Uncle John's Band                                               [06:56]
06. Candyman                                                       [07:23]
07. She's Mine                                                     [02:54]
08. Katie Mae                                                       [05:31]
09. I Hear A Voice Callin' *                                               [03:06]
10. House Music ** /Stage Preparations                                         [04:06]

Total Time:                                                         [49:54]

* David Nelson plays mandolin.

** Byrds ? Fido > Oil in my Lamp: Ballad Of Easy Rider 1969

Disc 5: New Riders Of The Purple Sage

01. Stage Preparations                                             [03:27]
02. Bill Graham Introduction/Brown-Eyed Handsome Man                             [04:59]
03. Louisiana Lady                                                 [05:42]
04. Can't Pay The Price                                             [04:48]
05. Truck Drivin' Man                                               [03:59]
06. All I Ever Wanted                                               [08:24]
07. Workin' Man Blues                                               [04:13]
08. Henry/Broken String                                             [07:09]
09. I Don't Know You                                               [04:02]
10. Lodi                                                           [04:31]
11. Last Lonely Eagle                                               [06:50]
12. Mama Tried *                                                   [03:05]
13. Sawmill *                                                       [04:01]
14. Me And My Uncle *                                                        [04:57]
15. Connection *                                                   [05:34]
16. Here Comes The Sun/Stage Preparations                                         [01:22]

Total Time:                                                           [1:17:11]

* Bobby "Ace" Weir joins in.

Disc 6: Electric Grateful Dead

01. The Sun King/Stage Preparations/Marines' Hymn                               [04:43]
02. Bill Graham Introduction/China Cat Sunflower>                                   [04:07]
03. I Know You Rider                                                 [04:46]
04. Cumberland Blues                                                 [05:02]
05. Hard To Handle/Broken String                                             [10:17]
06. Beat It On Down The Line                                                 [03:30]
07. Morning Dew                                                     [10:59]
08. Good Lovin'                                                     [13:58]

Total Time:                                                         [57:27]

Disc 7:

01. Dire Wolf                                                       [04:27]
02. Next Time You See Me                                                     [04:49]
03. Dark Star>                                                                       [19:37]
04. St.//Stephen>                                                                       [04:03]                                              
05. Not Fade Away>                                                                      [06:56]  
06. Turn On Your Lovelight                                                              [27:01]
07. Cold Jordan *                                                                       [02:42]    

Total Time:                                                                             [69:36]

Total Show Time:                                                                       [419:40]                                                                          

* David Nelson plays mandolin and Marmaduke adds vocals.


Notes and Technical information:

- This analog to digital transfer was done to create a digital copy of the master reels as true as
  possible to the original recording.  Apart from restoring the right channel on an 11 minute segment
  of Drums> The Other One and the patch to fill in the music from the missing last reel, no attempt
  has been made to alter or fix anything.

- The Early Show acoustic set is not the splitter generated two channel mono mix that commonly circulates.  
  On the master reel, from the beginning of the tape into Candyman, the right channel stereo signal is present
  but fades in and out at very low levels until it finally comes up to full strength at 2:10 into Candyman.

- During the NRPS Early Show the master reel ran out 2:01 minutes into Last Lonely Eagle and the remainder of
  their set was not recorded.

- The beginning of The Ballad Of Casey Jones is slightly clipped.

- Reel glitch at  2:55-2:57 in Candyman.

- Reel glitch at 3:02-3:06 in Lodi.

- Reel glitch at 01:00-01:04 in China Cat Sunflower.

- A reel change occurred during St. Stephen, however the final reel was missing from the set of masters and the
  remainder of the show from the cut in St. Stephen @ 02:18.186 to the end of the show is patched using the previously
  circulating SBD:MR>PCM>DAT>CD as the source.

- Track processing: EAC>Cool Edit 2000>MKW>Trader's Little Helper>SHN: Cool Edit 2000 used for minor re-tracking, glitch
  removal, normalisation and alternate source patching. MKW used for initial file archiving and Md5 signature checksum
  creation. Trader's Little Helper used for correct sector boundary alignment and verification and alternate Md5 sg/fp
  checksum creation and verification. shntool used for track timings, file size info and backup sector boundary
- Audio seed discs: Chuck Reynolds|Track processing/edits/archiving: Seth Kaplan    

***A very special thanks to all of the people involved in the production of this exquisite recording***

~ 5/15/05

Show Checksums
be7d2332054120db2bd3c767e0434f66 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t01.shn
b22eda623bf43402c2a42bb7a1960bb1 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t02.shn
ab58f7e63fe8eb67a9d485da12ad0e6e *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t03.shn
a96c36790e668a46b340a90e6e6a34ec *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t04.shn
d07406b06b852f14773c1b8f01299b15 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t05.shn
d022f2c67ecd81bf28c4a7cca87b4d42 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t06.shn
17bdbe4138f3ebb85623ff18b17d8034 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t07.shn
fe94263af233372f6847d229d11d10a2 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t08.shn
3f0ccf2e8864516288b466f6f1391fdd *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t09.shn
490487cb2404509c480b71e8ac5cd176 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t10.shn
6199f55ca20cde0101549cf79d0c4c94 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d1t11.shn
6496329f804f1e4f4031b8e4f9e27cf5 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d2t01.shn
a5bf0c474271f0ffa2998215fe8d5538 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d2t02.shn
9538ac330b3b68c0ddb893b6d7652712 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d2t03.shn
0ab8864072c731e2e087b12223592cef *gd_nrps70-05-15 d2t04.shn
a97ba974af5f111ab033db241ab6aca0 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d2t05.shn
e29ad79990886e65829fbef3077444d2 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d2t06.shn
fcb36443606fcf49129078f4634c6a08 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d2t07.shn
85a63934edc16b7938749394a5dd3169 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d2t08.shn
9fb3e180d122d855f993fcb69ebc93b6 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t01.shn
3e07d0e120a8303b119b9cdf581df5e5 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t02.shn
6c10ed1739e15e8115d2237b18351c03 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t03.shn
902f8228351bc09b87e281da7063ac2b *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t04.shn
4acd71a31793e4b1b72d184c75ae4ea1 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t05.shn
e3c61b4b2cf6fbd130eb819c3f6b9da9 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t06.shn
8ee69401dfa841575ea347fa703a31b9 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t07.shn
74c028dae12deaac037802ada63ace8b *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t08.shn
8c32f9dd3a07be318a7b9cdebaf3cf1e *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t09.shn
9ded170bef76bb8295f988f29156b849 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t10.shn
65f8d1bca33059992e1f1aa2e72ef78f *gd_nrps70-05-15 d3t11.shn
54fb0091c4159a311de92e2e1cc4e7d7 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d4t01.shn
cf23ddfdb8f5edb8bb2168c0a539232d *gd_nrps70-05-15 d4t02.shn
c83587363176c0b5eef515311f379db2 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d4t03.shn
e4749d79b1eca5178a4243e59a6ed1dd *gd_nrps70-05-15 d4t04.shn
62f40bb42ed8e2ae3d911cb43ea40c63 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d4t05.shn
d65482e69d472a5397cc2a638723eb9c *gd_nrps70-05-15 d4t06.shn
a2145eb304c30bf20516a5afa5700ddb *gd_nrps70-05-15 d4t07.shn
26c83250fef45adf93f8ce653f12b1cd *gd_nrps70-05-15 d4t08.shn
885d316fdbf4764877c7fd1c30169d41 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d4t09.shn
5cafabfd7391bbe38f90937db5535155 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d4t10.shn
0d6e2d19f584ed70953cb0d6b45b682f *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t01.shn
43b771924ea803b0ecfd8000107f7fff *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t02.shn
bf8aa30e38416423e3b97f7d8dd9adef *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t03.shn
0856478656976c9e5009cc2e71dfeded *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t04.shn
09f7df0e1062dc7bce0846910bed35ab *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t05.shn
c4742f1b398bdd60831de892e0c859a4 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t06.shn
4760206ae63c8dfbd381bdc3094cae3e *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t07.shn
48856f066a3854af18979048f632eb3b *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t08.shn
45cf881d97ea453ed1859a18db9a1232 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t09.shn
4d746e93d0b5ad7ede12dbad8bba4bc7 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t10.shn
d3f0ab27b91cba8b213cd3df78954368 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t11.shn
d72a077944a63e45778e19c8dad1ae42 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t12.shn
ce651c43571e17c32a98f25598401038 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t13.shn
79e87bed749dfd8e67bd057992774f30 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t14.shn
c3ea6c3631dedd042865799eab6230ad *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t15.shn
62363c909d63ca6f01571e01efa33610 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d5t16.shn
39f427e1ff29ebe9551073b78ee3617f *gd_nrps70-05-15 d6t01.shn
8fc73c23a20fc86c7f65ac1216ee0232 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d6t02.shn
a8ebe7877c58817d9623fe3a6e0341c1 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d6t03.shn
d30c560e955f288bfeb1a45d825cd54f *gd_nrps70-05-15 d6t04.shn
0ad48bedeb66a9e0b34c8e36a64fcb28 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d6t05.shn
0cc88ffaf833612bd88dbe232072ff60 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d6t06.shn
264310d2a7a9942bb2d77a18a2893002 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d6t07.shn
61209ceccabf64f1d9ec9c77da5ba26c *gd_nrps70-05-15 d6t08.shn
4f638026fae4e777857da6d560a0d84b *gd_nrps70-05-15 d7t01.shn
e614d34984e710d0f2fdabbe5226baa6 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d7t02.shn
ba9331eb3f27146145c1438647ea7b86 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d7t03.shn
7c21f76708864c7b487d6fbe4d8f9947 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d7t04.shn
850aaea8fedf2320e8185dfb3bc363de *gd_nrps70-05-15 d7t05.shn
47238bd391362ae77e70179e616e3a7a *gd_nrps70-05-15 d7t06.shn
221fc070411ab0a57448f3d4200a2219 *gd_nrps70-05-15 d7t07.shn
be7d2332054120db2bd3c767e0434f66 *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t01.shn
b22eda623bf43402c2a42bb7a1960bb1 *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t02.shn
ab58f7e63fe8eb67a9d485da12ad0e6e *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t03.shn
a96c36790e668a46b340a90e6e6a34ec *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t04.shn
d07406b06b852f14773c1b8f01299b15 *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t05.shn
d022f2c67ecd81bf28c4a7cca87b4d42 *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t06.shn
17bdbe4138f3ebb85623ff18b17d8034 *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t07.shn
fe94263af233372f6847d229d11d10a2 *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t08.shn
3f0ccf2e8864516288b466f6f1391fdd *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t09.shn
490487cb2404509c480b71e8ac5cd176 *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t10.shn
6199f55ca20cde0101549cf79d0c4c94 *gd_nrps70-05-15d1t11.shn
6496329f804f1e4f4031b8e4f9e27cf5 *gd_nrps70-05-15d2t01.shn
a5bf0c474271f0ffa2998215fe8d5538 *gd_nrps70-05-15d2t02.shn
9538ac330b3b68c0ddb893b6d7652712 *gd_nrps70-05-15d2t03.shn
0ab8864072c731e2e087b12223592cef *gd_nrps70-05-15d2t04.shn
a97ba974af5f111ab033db241ab6aca0 *gd_nrps70-05-15d2t05.shn
e29ad79990886e65829fbef3077444d2 *gd_nrps70-05-15d2t06.shn
fcb36443606fcf49129078f4634c6a08 *gd_nrps70-05-15d2t07.shn
85a63934edc16b7938749394a5dd3169 *gd_nrps70-05-15d2t08.shn
9fb3e180d122d855f993fcb69ebc93b6 *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t01.shn
3e07d0e120a8303b119b9cdf581df5e5 *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t02.shn
6c10ed1739e15e8115d2237b18351c03 *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t03.shn
902f8228351bc09b87e281da7063ac2b *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t04.shn
4acd71a31793e4b1b72d184c75ae4ea1 *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t05.shn
e3c61b4b2cf6fbd130eb819c3f6b9da9 *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t06.shn
8ee69401dfa841575ea347fa703a31b9 *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t07.shn
74c028dae12deaac037802ada63ace8b *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t08.shn
8c32f9dd3a07be318a7b9cdebaf3cf1e *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t09.shn
9ded170bef76bb8295f988f29156b849 *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t10.shn
65f8d1bca33059992e1f1aa2e72ef78f *gd_nrps70-05-15d3t11.shn
54fb0091c4159a311de92e2e1cc4e7d7 *gd_nrps70-05-15d4t01.shn
cf23ddfdb8f5edb8bb2168c0a539232d *gd_nrps70-05-15d4t02.shn
c83587363176c0b5eef515311f379db2 *gd_nrps70-05-15d4t03.shn
e4749d79b1eca5178a4243e59a6ed1dd *gd_nrps70-05-15d4t04.shn
62f40bb42ed8e2ae3d911cb43ea40c63 *gd_nrps70-05-15d4t05.shn
d65482e69d472a5397cc2a638723eb9c *gd_nrps70-05-15d4t06.shn
a2145eb304c30bf20516a5afa5700ddb *gd_nrps70-05-15d4t07.shn
26c83250fef45adf93f8ce653f12b1cd *gd_nrps70-05-15d4t08.shn
885d316fdbf4764877c7fd1c30169d41 *gd_nrps70-05-15d4t09.shn
5cafabfd7391bbe38f90937db5535155 *gd_nrps70-05-15d4t10.shn
0d6e2d19f584ed70953cb0d6b45b682f *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t01.shn
43b771924ea803b0ecfd8000107f7fff *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t02.shn
bf8aa30e38416423e3b97f7d8dd9adef *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t03.shn
0856478656976c9e5009cc2e71dfeded *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t04.shn
09f7df0e1062dc7bce0846910bed35ab *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t05.shn
c4742f1b398bdd60831de892e0c859a4 *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t06.shn
4760206ae63c8dfbd381bdc3094cae3e *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t07.shn
48856f066a3854af18979048f632eb3b *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t08.shn
45cf881d97ea453ed1859a18db9a1232 *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t09.shn
4d746e93d0b5ad7ede12dbad8bba4bc7 *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t10.shn
d3f0ab27b91cba8b213cd3df78954368 *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t11.shn
d72a077944a63e45778e19c8dad1ae42 *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t12.shn
ce651c43571e17c32a98f25598401038 *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t13.shn
79e87bed749dfd8e67bd057992774f30 *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t14.shn
c3ea6c3631dedd042865799eab6230ad *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t15.shn
62363c909d63ca6f01571e01efa33610 *gd_nrps70-05-15d5t16.shn
39f427e1ff29ebe9551073b78ee3617f *gd_nrps70-05-15d6t01.shn
8fc73c23a20fc86c7f65ac1216ee0232 *gd_nrps70-05-15d6t02.shn
a8ebe7877c58817d9623fe3a6e0341c1 *gd_nrps70-05-15d6t03.shn
d30c560e955f288bfeb1a45d825cd54f *gd_nrps70-05-15d6t04.shn
0ad48bedeb66a9e0b34c8e36a64fcb28 *gd_nrps70-05-15d6t05.shn
0cc88ffaf833612bd88dbe232072ff60 *gd_nrps70-05-15d6t06.shn
264310d2a7a9942bb2d77a18a2893002 *gd_nrps70-05-15d6t07.shn
61209ceccabf64f1d9ec9c77da5ba26c *gd_nrps70-05-15d6t08.shn
4f638026fae4e777857da6d560a0d84b *gd_nrps70-05-15d7t01.shn
e614d34984e710d0f2fdabbe5226baa6 *gd_nrps70-05-15d7t02.shn
ba9331eb3f27146145c1438647ea7b86 *gd_nrps70-05-15d7t03.shn
7c21f76708864c7b487d6fbe4d8f9947 *gd_nrps70-05-15d7t04.shn
850aaea8fedf2320e8185dfb3bc363de *gd_nrps70-05-15d7t05.shn
47238bd391362ae77e70179e616e3a7a *gd_nrps70-05-15d7t06.shn
221fc070411ab0a57448f3d4200a2219 *gd_nrps70-05-15d7t07.shn
62a35b79fd3d8793850acb68e96bcc20 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t01.shn
cf764328458632813e3d6768b441c3d9 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t02.shn
c4e3e4dca97b23fd24eca2ca8bffc7f1 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t03.shn
6accb291941fbf317876ede20e4c7dfa [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t04.shn
6755cbb1bd1089e6571baf61db856536 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t05.shn
c4e0b96b12f0f357f05bb1d424f1cd77 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t06.shn
98fc915cd1d299527924f0699a0bad0f [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t07.shn
25599ec8374a4d69a1a7df99fdcac25c [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t08.shn
c5fccbfb685b5928bf6804d724d84e37 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t09.shn
4d6b5eda86feb1e8952c7ef07a4cea01 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t10.shn
3c47066c2f4348fa47428da3e3b8f931 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d1t11.shn
6adb74fbaa423b6d4dbb8664c4a5ea29 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d2t01.shn
66736e657feab87556b07a7d830aadf2 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d2t02.shn
8cf0f4f59b8cf9580c607b09e8be52c4 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d2t03.shn
6cc9661bcb25e4c9844d5915f3d81bab [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d2t04.shn
a0fef1dbf942a1828ad1150db9ae94ee [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d2t05.shn
795f951b33259891c8eaf5e05c213f28 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d2t06.shn
67b5439947eef2351867c50f77d2701e [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d2t07.shn
26153bc28817b0fffeca7ff9be3ad533 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d2t08.shn
45270a8672bd118417fc96f634fede3f [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t01.shn
c62483e7ca5c687e4df04e46ac81f9e7 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t02.shn
9bdcb21cc73bc84f03d8c5d32bee9dba [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t03.shn
da37901133ef63d90cb633103993811e [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t04.shn
cd93b69dbf630b6ce9e98683bbc7ae85 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t05.shn
6b8a8ba36aafdd4918b71eb0b77b7e7f [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t06.shn
142b1c219523765bf43887ad323db81e [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t07.shn
ff6d2741705ad381f761c139be87fc91 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t08.shn
430a7a065548284b5986d14cc9472c0b [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t09.shn
d474285cfdda59a249473751680b05be [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t10.shn
e4b704c6cd1e6ba41de21a18860803a4 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d3t11.shn
0d072359838e8c7bee11b26a455a9c3b [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d4t01.shn
780b72e144556c222b75d609fcf55c8d [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d4t02.shn
e0c63ebf7de914d162640a36f1b9d8c0 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d4t03.shn
c0c67c4559ce9472e04211f880a2fe4e [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d4t04.shn
aaa378078a1950c68cefbbfa1e7503da [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d4t05.shn
796b94874c4705545839046f07652649 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d4t06.shn
579431686add9b806f14a9591f60247e [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d4t07.shn
4fd68652cbbeea77ea8c8e6fc6ee5f65 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d4t08.shn
053d560107b1aacbd73c1bf25d3226b6 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d4t09.shn
2e5304f225e71ea1186875c5554a94a9 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d4t10.shn
b901925a0d146a1a42f8ebde06d3da86 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t01.shn
ae359bfe274ec2cb0103486fbbac7c3e [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t02.shn
4b6c3937a4bbbf2aa3676f6b1d87863f [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t03.shn
e9e54359c82fb9eaeb304f77a026e11e [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t04.shn
37f3fdcfc6fcf0dd53a2fff89d3bbaf8 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t05.shn
4b9e66b05f9b10cdaf8fab0e1d067b50 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t06.shn
a3d58469208dbc4fc4d8e034f30dde26 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t07.shn
930c5e6c53575a18c38bd392464ad7ac [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t08.shn
f9ebff9273cf26fc476fee9ac5f5be92 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t09.shn
35a6cd18017ea2899ee285f9ae92d141 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t10.shn
6a729a11c523e328c20aa875ee3ca81d [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t11.shn
46988182e7eb98904fec6dab317f4cfd [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t12.shn
a3797e663f31be4d07ebe4eb787d3e83 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t13.shn
2d6c27fe5105964ab20aef0d77b9cdfc [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t14.shn
bef0f734780f5f27f5736c061337cffb [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t15.shn
805865a100698274b20e28cc5b0af7bb [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d5t16.shn
23189cc6e1bf139690d9de63b45dd450 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d6t01.shn
0cb8a7398e8e7052943398f4698b130c [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d6t02.shn
f27d17d5a4538fcf8a8ca48b37274d9c [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d6t03.shn
3f9f73f38890d9d3f2d4962acf395e32 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d6t04.shn
5421bd133dc55bfa1ff1b41674cc4dbe [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d6t05.shn
d8defde91b2b20e70d1e34b53c1dd078 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d6t06.shn
15878db3027d7fbcebd36111635b782d [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d6t07.shn
e6081d0d8a978c9516357db48028e91f [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d6t08.shn
4fb4b2f13ba593178cf75219f571c3d8 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d7t01.shn
4da93d73d2fe2029710351bcdc69fd80 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d7t02.shn
3bed0c604016ddc0e5108bf40ff90a46 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d7t03.shn
84fa080096cb6a6aa3895e595ee7e563 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d7t04.shn
08074493fa23c2c8a420d5accaa485c6 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d7t05.shn
4646c1d3fb13fe08ee2fdeb96a64ef88 [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d7t06.shn
ff9655e022c838004b91298769fc23ea [shntool] gd_nrps70-05-15d7t07.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
acoustic and electric,... (7) flac24; source: aud... (0) flac16; source: aud... (0)
Date User Comment
07/14/2005 CS Miller The lineage of this is most likely incorrect. There is a digital artifact at the beginning of Don't Ease (the double strum) that is fixed (and noted as such) on the previous shn set. This is probably just a new transfer from the DATs and not a direct transfer from the reels to a HDD, as the txt file says. All told, a minimal improvement over the previous set, with the exception of the NRPS sets. Given that the right channel is weaker through much of this show, the previous, edited version is a better listen, unless you are purist that must have an unedited version.
07/16/2005 No, this is really a new transfer, coming from the same folks that brought us 9/20/70, 11/16/70 and the 4/26-29/71 run. IMHO this is a huge upgrade over the previous version, the new transfer has a overall better clarity, frequency responce & seperation. Listen to disc 7 where the old source is used to patch a missing reel. The diference is very noticable, old seed has a very annoying, grainy high end.
07/16/2005 Which version did you compare/patch from, shnid 96 or shnid 97?
07/16/2005 Jack The lineage of this new source is true and there is no reason to doubt it whatsoever.
07/16/2005 It's interesting to note that, compared to the officially-released tracks from these shows (FOTD on the American Beauty reissue CD, and Easy Wind on the Fallout... CD), the left and right channels are switched.

Which way is "right", I wonder?
07/23/2005 CS Miller There is definitely a reason to doubt the lineage of this source. There is an apparent digital artifact in Don't Ease that was corrected in the other source, which has a PCM and DAT generation in the lineage.

In any case, upon further listening, this source sounds better than the previous one (the post-patch material is definitely inferior), but I am curious about how the Don't Ease double strum could have been on the master reels, since it sounds like a digital glitch, and the previous source notes explain that it was repaired. The suggests that either this is simply a new transfer from the previous source DAT or PCM, or the glitch is on the reels, which doesn't make much sense. It doesn't sound like an analog glitch.
07/26/2005 Charlie Miller Sounds more like a drop-out/skip to